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Bus accidents are incredibly complicated to litigate in Barrie civil courts, as they can involve several liable parties. For instance, a crash can involve a private bus company such as Greyhound or a city bus that offers public transportation.

Regardless of which type of Barrie bus terminal is involved, these common carriers can cause substantial damage when they collide with smaller vehicles, motorcycles, or pedestrians. The injuries that result from these accidents can be severe, debilitating, and even life-threatening.

One of our skilled trial lawyers would be familiar with identifying potentially liable parties and bringing civil claims against bus companies. A dedicated Barrie bus accident lawyer from our firm could help an injured person make sense of the law surrounding these cases and obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

Private Companies

Sometimes, the buses involved in crashes are owned by private charter companies, such as Greyhound. When filing a civil claim against a bus company for damages, accident victims must first determine which insurance company is liable. The bus company’s, the driver’s, or even the manufacturer’s insurance provider could be liable, depending on the cause of the collision.

For example, a crash involving a common carrier vehicle could be caused by distracted driving or a defective part on the bus itself. Alternatively, if the driver is found to have a history of unsafe driving, the bus company could be held liable for negligently hiring someone with a poor safety background. It is likely that the insurance companies are going to blame each other in order to avoid paying compensation to the injured claimant.

Identifying liable parties and dealing with insurance companies is just one complicated aspect of litigating a bus collision. Fortunately, a Barrie bus crash lawyer could help injured parties overcome these legal obstacles.

Accidents Involving Public Transportation

Some bus accidents involve vehicles belonging to the Barrie Transit Terminal or Barrie South GO, which can make civil litigation even more complex. Those injured in Barrie public transit collisions resulting for improper maintenance of city streets are required to put the City of notice within 10 days of the accident, or they are at risk of having their case dismissed.

Additionally, there are many different standards and procedural rules associated with filing a case against the City of Barrie. Many accident victims are too injured and do not have the time to research these important legal guidelines on their own. Fortunately, a seasoned Barrie bus collision lawyer can advise an injured claimant on these rules and help them build a strong case accordingly.

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