Common Causes of Car Accidents in Barrie

Common causes of car accidents in Barrie include drivers that are either drinking or texting. Auto accidents in our area are also commonly caused by people who are not taking proper care of their vehicles (i.e., not putting snow tires on in the winter, failing to keep a vehicle in good condition).

Some drivers have impairments with respect to their ability to drive. For instance, a disease affecting someone’s vision could endanger other motorists and their passengers. An elderly motorist who does not realize that old age has diminished their ability to drive may keep driving despite the danger. Distracted drivers who run a stop sign or a red light can also cause serious or even fatal crashes.

How do Drunk Drivers Contribute to Car Crashes in Barrie?

Drunk driving accidents are often more serious than other collisions because impaired motorists tend to drive in an especially dangerous fashion. A drunk driver is more likely to lose control, fail to take any steps to avoid the accident, cross the centerline, and otherwise exacerbate the damages sustained in a crash.

Collisions Caused by Speeding

Higher-speed collisions generally result in more severe damage to vehicles and the people inside them. The faster a car is traveling, the more kinetic force is involved, and the greater the potential is for serious injury to the accident victim(s).

What Kinds of Accidents Can be Caused by Running a Stop Sign or Red Light?

When an accident is the result of running a stop sign or red light, the consequences can be especially damaging. Many of these cases involve side-impact collisions, and airbags and other shock absorbers may not be as effective in protecting against injury. Folks are often completely unprepared for T-bone accidents because somebody comes out of nowhere and hits them from the side, often with no advanced warning and no ability for them to prepare.

Driving at Night

Crashes that occur at night tend to be serious because the drivers may not be able to see each other, especially when dealing with pedestrians who are harder to see at night. There are a lot of roads in Barrie that do not always have sidewalks on both sides, and people may be forced to walk in the road, especially during winter months.

A lot of these accidents come down to very technical analyses. To determine liability for a nighttime accident, a lawyer looks at something called perception response time, which is how long the driver takes to notice somebody else on the road and respond to them by moving their foot or steering wheel to avoid a collision.

Driving in the Wrong Direction

Cars can travel in the wrong direction in a couple of ways:

  • When somebody crosses the centerline
  • When someone travels in the wrong direction on a one-way street
  • When someone enters the highway in the wrong direction

Accidents which occur under these circumstances can be among the most serious. When two cars move toward each other at a high rate of speed, it doubles the velocity differential, resulting in a much higher level of kinetic injury to the vehicles. This can translate into more serious damages for the people in the automobile.

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