Barrie Head-on Car Accidents

A head-on collision is not explicitly defined in Ontario or Canadian law but is generally characterized by two vehicles hitting each other as they both travel forward in opposite-facing directions. In other words, head-on collisions involve the front grill of one vehicle hitting the front grill of another to some extent.

If you were recently involved in a Barrie head-on car accident, do not hesitate to retain a skilled auto collision lawyer. Our steadfast legal team could help you understand your right and options after a front-end car crash.

Dangers of Front-End Collisions

Head-on collisions in Barrie tend to be serious because the vehicles involved are often traveling on highways at high speeds. When drivers travel in two different directions, an engineer can add the velocities of the vehicles together when determining the kinetic forces involved in an accident.

If two vehicles are moving toward each other at 100 kilometers an hour each, the resulting accident would occur at effectively 200 kilometers an hour. It follows that front-end collisions are especially likely to result in catastrophic injuries because of the energy involved and the damage to the vehicles. Additionally, if a vehicle is hit head-on at the corners, it could cause both vehicles to spin out of control and roll over, which can lead to debilitating or even life-threatening injuries.

Why is Assigning Fault for a Head-on Crash in Barrie so Complicated?

Insurance companies and traffic law often assign fault in Barrie head-on collisions based on the point of impact in the accident. Front-end crashes are commonly caused by one vehicle crossing the centerline and traveling on the wrong side of the road, in which case, that driver would likely be at fault. However, the analysis could become more complicated than that.

For example, the driver might have crossed the centerline to avoid another car that was suddenly approaching head-on, or because a car beside them changed lanes and was going to side-swipe them. Drivers might also cross centerlines to avoid being T-boned after another motorist runs a stop sign. Any such scenario could result in a head-on collision, making these some of the most difficult cases to assign fault for.

Driver Negligence

Front-end auto collision cases in Barrie often arise because one driver broke the law. Many such cases involve someone being intoxicated or not knowing where they are going and entering a highway in the wrong direction. Cannabis is legal in Canada, but people might drink, smoke, and drive without realizing that they are intoxicated because the two substances are working together to impair their driving.

When drivers are fatigued, unfamiliar with the roadways, or intoxicated, they may be more likely to make poor choices, like drive on the wrong side of the road. During the winter, roads often become slippery or difficult to distinguish, leading drivers to lose control of their vehicles, cross the centerline, and cause an accident.

Why is it Important to Follow up with a Doctor after a Barrier Front-End Accident?

In Ontario, people are only allowed to sue for a car accident if they can prove to a judge that they suffered a serious and permanent impairment of an important physical, mental, or psychological condition, which is called the severity threshold. Only those whose injuries cross the severity threshold can file a claim for damages which are not covered by their no-fault accident benefits.

Otherwise, their right to sue is taken away. For this reason, it is especially important to follow-up with you doctor after a head-on collision to ensure that the credibility of your claim and the severity of your impairment are not undermined as your lawyer argues your case against the insurance company or defendant.

Those who have been involved in head-on collisions must convince people that they do not know and have never met that they have been in a life-altering accident and suffered a serious impairment because of it. Not seeing your doctor or specialists after such an event can make it difficult to make that argument.

Ask a Lawyer for Help with Investigating a Barrie Head-on Collision Case

When serious Barrie head-on car accidents occur, the Ontario Provincial Police conduct technical collision investigation (TTCI) reporting. Your lawyer should obtain a copy of that report as one of their first steps in investigating the case, which can be expensive. Our team may then hire private investigators and forensic engineers, as well as interview witnesses and police officers.

Ambulance on-call reports, first responders’ reports, and black box data can also be retrieved and reviewed during the investigation, and we could also help ensure that pictures of the vehicle are taken. It is important to give lawyers an opportunity to conduct their investigations early on before evidence is no longer available or destroyed. Call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today to get started.

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