Barrie Rear-End Car Accidents

Per Barrie law, a rear-end collision is when one vehicle strikes another from behind, either because the driver stopped or was moving much slower. If you were harmed by another person’s negligence in a Barrie rear-end car accident, one of our elite trial lawyers can help you hold them accountable and obtain compensation for your injuries.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Rear-End Collisions

Many rear-end collisions in Barrie occur in heavy traffic. People from Barrie often drive in Toronto in the morning, but if drivers hit traffic and are not paying attention, a rear-end collision could occur.

Tailgating and texting are two main contributory factors for rear-end collisions. Sandwich collisions – where two stopped cars are hit by a third car, thereby causing the middle vehicle to be sandwiched between the other two – also typically occur in heavy traffic and are included as a type of rear-end accident.

Assigning Fault

Fault is almost always on the rear car in tailgating and rear-end collisions; however, there are cases where the findings might be different. For instance, a case was heard by the Ontario Court of Appeal wherein one driver cut off a second driver, who hit their breaks but still rear-ended the first driver’s car. The jury found that all the liability was on the first driver, not the driver that hit them from behind.

Lawyers can establish liability in Barrie rear-end collision cases by reviewing the motor vehicle accident report from the police, the data from the cars, and the admissions of the injured party. One of our team members might also look into whether or not charges were issued for the case, particularly in sandwich collision cases, or even hire a forensic engineer to conduct an analysis.

Jury Considerations

When considering liability or fault, a jury will look at fact specifics, starting with the vehicle. For example, the jury might consider whether or not the vehicle had snow tires on in the winter, was properly maintained, or had any mechanical problems.

They might also look at the speed of the vehicles, whether there were charges under the criminal code or under the Highway Traffic Act, and how those charges were decided. Juries often consider whether drinking and driving or texting were involved, which are two leading causes of rear-end auto accidents in Barrie.

A jury may also consider whether or not there was a disagreement inside the vehicle which led someone to grab the steering wheel. Jurors also look at how people drive on the road in relation to their neighbors and whether or not they signal properly and obey traffic laws. These factors are fact-specific, but they are some of the things that are considered when conducting liability analyses in tailgating collision cases.

Contact a Lawyer after a Barrie Rear-End Car Accident

It is important to contact a lawyer soon after a Barrie rear-end car accident because an experienced legal advocate can help establish your no-fault benefits and assist with the transition home from the hospital. Rastin Trial Lawyers can also ensure that an accurate investigation is conducted, and that black box data is promptly retrieved before it is no longer accessible. If the other driver involved is not properly insured or has inadequate coverage, we can help with those and many other emergent problems, so give us a call today.

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