Barrie Rollover Car Accidents

A Barrie rollover car accident occurs when the tires of a vehicle become disconnected from the roadway and the vehicle flips over one or more times as a result. These accidents are very serious and tend to involve higher-speed collisions. Oftentimes, rollover crashes are related to road conditions in Barrie, such as black ice or poorly maintained roads.

These collisions differ from other types of car wrecks because of the trauma to accident victims and to the roof of the car. Depending on the severity of the collision and how many times the car rolls, one’s head may be susceptible to injury as the ceiling caves in from the roof striking the ground as the vehicle flips over.

Tips for Preventing Rollover Collisions

Individuals in Barrie can prevent being involved in rollover accidents by putting winter tires on their cars and ensuring that their vehicles are well maintained, especially for winters. You should pay attention to the weather forecast and account for days that are simply not good to drive.

When there are hazardous road conditions, you should modify your driving patterns and leave longer lead-times and gaps between vehicles. You should slow down more gradually, take precautions, and recognize that there are other drivers on the road, especially north of Toronto.

Many people drive through Barrie who are not accustomed to how much the weather worsens as they move north. People should not only examine their own driving patterns but also realize that motorists around them might not have proper tires or safe driving habits. Drivers can avoid rollover accidents by being cognizant of other drivers and taking extra precautions.

Unavoidable Accidents

If another driver loses control of their vehicle, crosses the centerline, hits another car from the side, or otherwise contributes to an accident, the injured person may be able to recover compensation. Even if they were driving carefully, weather conditions can change quickly in and around Barrie, and it could go from a nice sunny day to white-out or black ice conditions in short period of time. Even the best driver in Barrie might be unable to avoid some rollover collisions.

What Can You do to Document a Rollover Accident?

If you were involved in a rollover auto accident, you should firstly see to your health and will likely be unable to accomplish much. Otherwise, a rollover collision can be documented by taking pictures of the accident scene and the surrounding area. Anything that the other driver says should be noted, particularly if they admit to texting, being fatigued, or violating traffic laws. You should note how fast they were driving, what the road conditions were like, if the municipality did its job, or if the municipality should be put on notice for failing to comply with its driving conditions.

Learn More about Rollover Car Accidents in Barrie from a Lawyer

Being involved in a rollover auto collision can have long-lasting economic and non-economic consequences for injured parties. If you were hurt in a Barrie rollover car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, call a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to make sure your claim meets all statutory deadlines and requirements.

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