Barrie Side-Impact Car Accidents

Side-impact collisions occur when the front grill or rear of one vehicle impacts the side of another straight on or at an angle. T-bone car accidents can lead to severe and even life-threatening injuries and can leave a person with expensive hospital bills and a need for ongoing medial care. Those injured in Barrie side-impact car accidents should retain the services of a dedicated trial lawyer as soon as possible after the collision to ensure the timely collection and preservation of evidence which may otherwise be lost or destroyed over time.

Causes and Locations of Side-Impact Collisions

One of the most common side-impact accident scenarios is T-bone collisions that occur at intersections with traffic lights. In these cases, there is usually a dispute as to whether the traffic light was red or green for one driver or the other.

Another common scenario is when a traffic light turns yellow, one driver tries to make it but mistimes it, and another driver enters the intersection. Common side-impact accident scenarios also include drivers simply missing stop signs, especially on less-travelled roads, and running them.

Common Effects of T-Bone Accidents

T-Bone accidents and side-impact collisions tend to occur at higher velocities because one of the vehicles might not slow down and may even be accelerating if the driver is running through a traffic light. Many cars have side airbags that can lessen the impact, but passengers are also being jolted to the side rather than pushed back into their seat.

This has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries to an accident victim because of the mechanism of how they strike the interior of the car. It is more likely that victims will sustain axonal shear brain injuries or something similar because there is a greater chance that their heads will be whipped from side to side in this type of accident.

Depending on the side that is hit, there may also be metal intrusion into the cab of the vehicle where the passengers are if the car itself caves in. Even if there are airbags, they could sustain physical injuries as the metal enters the vehicle and impinges upon the space where the driver and the passenger are.

What Damages Can You Recover after a Side-Impact Car Crash?

An individual who has been involved in a side-impact collision could be entitled to recover statutory accident benefits (SAB), no-fault benefits, damages for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, a percentage of their economic loss, and any medical rehabilitation and out-of-pocket expenses not covered by their SABs. One of our expert-ranked lawyers can help with this process.

Ask a Lawyer about Side-Impact Car Accidents in Barrie

If you have been involved in a Barrie side-impact car accident, Rastin Trial Lawyers can assist with the liability analysis. We can also help establish care and rehabilitation teams while you are hospitalized using your no-fault benefits so that you have the support you need when you go home.

Our team can bring in liability experts and catastrophic injury case managers to look at your case right away. Let us preserve the evidence you will need for your case and assist with your initial rehabilitation efforts as you try and move on with your life. Call our firm today.

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