Barrie Teen Driver Accidents

Unfortunately, teen drivers are more likely to get into accidents. When a young driver causes an accident, you may be left wondering whether you can obtain compensation to offset your damages. The answer is yes. One of our expert-ranked lawyers could review the details of your case and help you determine whether you have grounds to file a civil claim for any damages which are not covered by your insurance provider. If you have been involved in a Barrie teen driver accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our team at Rastin Trial Lawyers for assistance.

When Does Someone Become Eligible to Drive in Barrie?

A person is eligible to begin driving in Ontario when they reach the age of 16, and they can get a G class license. We have a graduated learning system in this province. Initially, a teenager is only allowed to drive on slower roads, for instance. They could not drive on a 400-series highway, where speed limits are 100 kilometers.

They have to have another driver in the car with them, sitting beside them, in addition to other restrictions on their license. Then, after a period of time, they can go from a G1 to a G2 license, which loosens restrictions. They are allowed to drive without an adult beside them, but there are still some restrictions.

For instance, they are not allowed to have alcohol in their system. They are not allowed to drive after midnight. There are restrictions as to having other unlicensed individuals in the car with them.

They have to complete a certain number of hours behind the wheel and drive on different types of roads before they are allowed to have a full license, called a G class license. It is only when they get their full license that they no longer have a driving curfew and they are able to drive wherever they want.

Common Causes of Teen Driving Collisions in Barrie

New drivers are more likely to be in an accident than experienced drivers, especially in adverse weather situations, busy traffic, or amidst other distractions such as texting. When they do not have as much experience driving, motorists are more likely to run into a problem if something unforeseen happens. One could even argue that younger people are statistically more likely to be using smartphones, so texting and driving is a significant contributor to many Barrie teen driver collisions.

What Can Parents in Barrie Do to Help Prevent Their Teens from Being Involved in an Accident?

To help prevent their teens from becoming involved in car accidents, parents in Barrie can enroll them in driving courses. There are lots of driving courses available both in the classroom and on the road now, and statistically, they make a difference. Parents should make sure that their teenager is fulfilling the terms of their license, including restrictions on driving 400-series highways at night and alcohol use.

Parents should also advise their teen drivers to try to avoid putting themselves in situations where they are at risk to fail. For example, if they are a designated driver and are driving a bunch of their friends home who are impaired, the friends can be a distraction and put them at risk of a collision.

Impact of a Driver’s Age in an Accident Case

A car accident case plays out differently when the driver is under 18 compared to cases involving adult parties. When any party is under 18 in Ontario, they are not considered to be an adult, so the difference is that a person would not represent themselves as a defendant but rather would have somebody appointed as a litigation guardian to represent them. There are different rules, and the courts will seek to protect minors – even in civil cases.

Generally speaking, the insurance will still respond, and the case will play out the same way, but there are issues with respect to how the litigation proceeds when dealing with a minor. For more details on what to expect after a Barrie teen driver accident, get in touch with Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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