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Dogs are not always man’s best friend and can become aggressive and vicious under the right circumstances. Dangerous and improperly restrained dogs can cause serious injuries that are not only painful but which can also become infected and lead to further health complications.

Those who suffer from these injuries and complications should know that they can file a claim for compensation against the dog’s owner with the professional help and guidance of a knowledgeable and well-prasticed lawyer. A steadfast Barrie dog bite lawyer could work as an advocate in and out of the courtroom to help you move forward.

Dog Owner Liability

Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act states that owners are liable for any bite or attack by their dog. As such, there are few defences available in Barrie dog bite claims. In most cases, victims need to prove only that the dog in question bit or attacked them and caused their personal injuries as a result.

Many accident victims do not come forward after an attack because the dog owner is a family member, friend, or neighbour. However, it is important to understand that compensation usually comes from the dog owner’s tenant or home insurance coverage provider. If the dog owner does not have either of these policies, a claim can be filed directly against them with the help of a well-versed lawyer.

What to Do after a Canine Attack

After sustaining any type of injury, it is important for accident victims to seek medical help as soon as possible. This is especially true for dog bite victims because there is a lot of bacteria in a dog’s mouth, and a wound which punctures the skin to lead to infections and other health complications. For example, a dog bite to the hand could result in septic arthritis because there is low circulation, which would make it more difficult for the body to fight off other infections caused by the attack.

The days and weeks after a dog bite or attack are particularly difficult when victims do not know the identity of the owner. For this reason, it is especially important to speak with a Barrie lawyer who can conduct an investigation into the canine attack and learn of the owner’s identity. A diligent member of our legal team could help dog bites victims file a civil claim and secure the maximum amount of compensation to offset their losses.

Call a Barrie Dog Bite Lawyer Today for Assistance

If you have been hurt in an attack because of a negligent dog owner, one of our lawyers could help you take legal action to recover your damages. We know how to hold insurance companies accountable so you can receive the full amount of compensation you need to move forward.

Your primary focus at this time should be on your recovery, so let a Barrie dog bite lawyer handle your personal injury claim and keep you updated along the way. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can help you obtain compensation.

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