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Most home and business owners purchase casualty insurance to protect themselves from substantial loss due to a fire or other disasters.

In some cases, insurers may deny claims due to waivers in the policy, clerical errors, administrative issues, misrepresentation by the policy holder, arson charges, or a variety of other reasons. The denial of a property insurance claim can have a devastating effect on you, the property owner. If you have suffered a serious financial loss due to a fire or other disaster and your insurance provider is refusing to provide expected compensation, you should contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

We recommend that you keep receipts on all of your household items in a safe, offsite location such as a bank safety deposit box or with a friend or relative. It is a good idea to periodically take photos of all of your possessions and keep these in a safe offsite location as well. Also, when disaster strikes, keep copies of everything you provide to your insurance adjuster. You should request confirmation of important discussions you have had with your adjuster regarding your insurance claim before purchasing replacement items lost in the disaster.

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If you believe your insurance company has acted in bad faith with respect to your insurance claim or benefit payment, call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers to have a Barrie insurance claims lawyer review your case and represent your interests.

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