Appealing a Long-Term Disability Claim in Barrie

If your application for long-term disability benefits was denied, let one of our lawyers help you navigate the internal appeal process. We can help you submit a letter of disagreement to the insurance company within 30 days or 60 days and provide any additional documentation necessary. It will be accompanied by either an argument, additional evidence, or both. This letter begins the process of appealing a long-term disability claim in Barrie.

Rules of Appealing

The rules and regulations for appealing a claim for long-term disability will be outlined in the terms of the contract itself. Your right to appeal will be defined in your contract, and you will have to follow the policies and procedures that are outlined therein.

Role of Medical Evidence and Affidavits by Physicians

Filing an appeal involves trying to convince the insurance company that they have made a mistake by denying you. The only way to do this is by gathering further evidence from the physician who indicates that you are more disabled than the insurance company has given you credit for.

Evidence of your condition’s severity and impact on your ability to work has to come from your doctor for the insurance company to give it any weight. If an applicant does not put forward the most compelling medical record, their case is doomed. Not putting in appropriate medical evidence from their treating doctor and their specialist is fatal for a long-term disability appeal in Barrie.

Best Practices

The best practice when appealing a long-term disability claim in our area is to gather evidence aggressively and in a timely fashion to properly diarize and protect against all limitation periods. This kind of diligence can help ensure the clock does not begin to run out prematurely. One of our lawyers can help you start the litigation process sooner rather than later, because the local court system is very slow. You can only settle your case after you have started a lawsuit, but do not wait too long to start the lawsuit. The best practice is to read your contract, know the evidence that you need to win the case, and take the steps to put that evidence together.

Ask a Lawyer about Appealing Long-Term Disability Claims in Barrie

A good personal injury and disability lawyer will know how to build an effective appeal. Our team knows the right questions to ask physicians and vocational experts. We know how to recognize the right information right away and how to properly read a contract. We could help you understand the law and craft a strong and convincing argument.

Having expertise in these areas lets us gather the right evidence, review it properly, and advocate for your right to long-term disability benefits. Let on of our elite trial lawyers help you understand the terms of your contract and take the necessary steps to appeal a denied applicant. Get in touch with Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today for more details on appealing a long-term disability claim in Barrie.

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