Long-Term Disability Benefits in Barrie

Long-term disability (LTD) benefits in Barrie are provided by a contract of insurance. An individual either purchases the policy privately or has the policy as part of their employment. For a certain monthly amount, long-term disability benefits will provide a percentage of wages per month if you become disabled, which could be taxable depending on certain issues of coverage, a waiver of disability premiums while you are disabled, a continuation of life insurance, and a waiver of life insurance premiums if the policy calls for it.

Scenarios that Commonly Lead People to Claim Long-Term Disability Benefits

People might claim long-term disability benefits if they cannot work or have been in an accident, such as a slip-and-fall accident or motor vehicle collision. Disability benefits cannot be claimed for workplace accidents, however. If someone suffers from a psychiatric or medical condition that prevents them from working for an extended period of time, they could also claim disability benefits.

What is the Role of a Lawyer in Obtaining LTD Benefits?

Personal injury lawyers may or may not be involved in the process of obtaining long-term disability benefits in Barrie. The application process may be as simple as having someone from your job’s human resources department submit documentation and paperwork on your behalf.

However, you might run into problems if you have a pre-existing medical condition or something else that could potentially disqualify you. For this reason, you should hire an expert-ranked lawyer early in the process to help with the paperwork. Lawyers can take the lead role in dealing with any follow-up questions or appeals so you can focus on your wellbeing.

How to Determine which Benefits Are Applicable

Determining which long-term disability benefits are applicable in Barrie will depend on your employment relationship or contract. If someone has long-term disability benefits, they either have a contract through their work or purchased a contract themselves and bought their own benefits.

To determine which benefits are applicable, people should ask themselves whether they bought a long-term disability policy through work or on their own and what that policy says. When dealing with a disability claim, you should first look to your contract to find out what percentage of your income and expenses you are entitled to.

Applying for Additional Benefits

Whether or not you can file for additional benefits when applying for long-term disability benefits should be outlined in your contract. When you file for additional benefits, employment insurance sick benefits might be provided by the government.

Other benefits that someone might research if they are going to be disabled for a long period of time include Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits, which may be provided by the government if they apply. In rare situations, some people may be entitled to other benefits, like Trillium Medical Coverage.

Long-term disability benefits are typically covered under a contract. Other benefits should be provided by either your employer or the government.

What Medical Coverage is Included in LTD Benefits?

To determine the medical coverage included in your long-term disability benefits, you should refer to your contract. Most disability coverage contracts in Barrie do not include benefits for medical coverage. You might have medical coverage as part of your group benefits plan for being an employee, but it is important to remember that a group benefits plan differs from a disability contract. People can only receive medical coverage if it is included in their policy for LTD benefits, which is somewhat uncommon.

Who is Responsible for Providing Long-Term Disability Benefits in Barrie?

The parties responsible for providing LTD benefits are defined in your policy. In a small percentage of cases dealing with large companies, long-term disability benefits are provided by the employer. People can also self-insure and provide benefits themselves.

In most cases, however, the employer hires an insurance company to provide long-term disability benefits. The employer pays the premium payments in exchange for the insurance company being wholly responsible for providing benefits.

A lesser majority of long-term disability benefits in Barrie are provided by ASO plans, in which one company will be responsible for adjudicating or deciding whether benefits are payable. The employer or third party will take the adjudication and pay out whatever is ordered from the policy.

For help with understanding the terms of your policy, it is best to consult with an experienced lawyer who understands various types of employment contracts. Reach out to our firm today to discuss what benefits you may be entitled to.

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