Dealing with Insurance Companies during Barrie Long-Term Disability Claims

The insurance company in a long-term disability contract has a “duty of utmost good faith” to the policy holder. A “first party contract of insurance” requires a coverage provider to fairly and honestly evaluate the complaint, communicate with policy holder, be reasonable, and act in good faith. If an insurance company fails to meet its duty to act in utmost good faith, it can be held liable for bad faith and extra-contractual damage.

Let one of our skilled lawyers assist you in dealing with insurance companies during Barrie long-term disability claims. We could help assert that you are unable to perform the duties of your job and prevent the insurance company from taking an unreasonable position on your claim. Insurance companies tend to be less inclined to take improper advantage of a claimant when dealing with a reputable personal injury law firm.

What to Document when Speaking with an Insurance Company

If you do not feel that your employer or the insurance company is being forthright with you or might have a hidden agenda, you should take steps to document all your communications with these parties. It’s important to keep in mind that your employer will be negatively impacted by a long-term disability claim, because their premiums will go up.

If you have a phone call, document what was actually said, because the insurance company certainly will. If a coverage provider misquotes what happened during the phone conversation, it could negatively impact your claim for long-term disability benefits. Instead of having phone conversations, consider communicating with your employer or the insurance company via letters or email, that way there will be a paper record, and nobody will be able to distort communications.

Benefits of Documenting Correspondences

Written documentation is always better than verbal conversations. It’s better to have a record including a time stamp and to make sure that correspondences between your employer and your doctor are saved externally so there are multiple copies of everything. Sometimes, insurance companies responsible for deciding long-term disability claims in Barrie aren’t forthcoming about why they make certain decisions. Getting that documentation will help you understand what is going on with your claim.

Let a Barrie Lawyer Deal with Insurance Companies during Long-Term Disability Claims

One of the most important things a lawyer from our firm could help with is data collection. When you receive a copy of your actual policy from your workplace or the insurance company, you should also get a copy of the clinical notes and records from your doctor. A member of our dedicated legal team could use this information to fill out the application for benefits on your behalf. We could also work with your doctor to get an up-to-date medical report ready for your long-term disability claim.

Regardless of whether you have a private policy or are covered through your employer, dealing with insurance companies during Barrie long-term disability claims can be frustrating and overwhelming. Enlist the help of one of our elite trial lawyers by calling Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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