Potential Delays in the Barrie Long-Term Disability Claims Process

It’s important to make sure you have done everything you’re supposed to do in the long-term disability (LTD) claims process. If the application requires you to submit paystubs, a letter from a doctor, or some other document, it’s imperative to properly fill out every part of the form.

Additionally, our lawyers have seen insurance companies exacerbate potential delays in the Barrie long-term disability claims process in an effort to avoid paying out on eligible applications. If there’s a problem or you’re waiting for something, you should make sure the insurance company is paying attention to your claim so that it doesn’t get lost in the cracks.

What Crucial Errors Should be Avoided in the Application Process?

In the application process, there are some potential errors that can impact your approval for long-term disability benefits. For example, factual errors in terms of where you work, how long you have worked, the type of job you are doing, and errors that your family physician makes in terms of not understanding your file can all lead to a benefits denial.

Some applicants do not receive letters from their doctors after submitting their claims, which can impact their chances of success. Errors regarding employment status, such as being taken off the payroll, can also delay a long-term disability claim in Barrie. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made in the application process which can result in either delays or the denial of a disability claim.

Receiving Notice of Delays

The insurance company will typically send a letter to you to indicate that they’re waiting for something. If they don’t receive anything from you thereafter, they should contact you directly and ask for details. You should take that opportunity to make it clear that you are functioning without the income and try to ascertain why there has been a delay in the process.

What is a Claimant’s Responsibility in Reducing LTD Claim Delays?

You are responsible for being aware of all long-term disability application requirements. The insurance company will set out the rules, and if you fail to abide by them or fail to understand the steps you’re supposed to take, it will result in your claim being delayed. That is why you should hire a lawyer.

Lack of Communication from Insurance Companies and Employers

While claimants for long-term disability should be privy to all the information in the processing of their case, they are often left out of the loop about any potential delays. Many times, employers will have private conversations with insurance companies, and you will not be privy to that. Sometimes, they will do their own medical consultations, reviews, and analyses. They will provide the conclusions while refusing to provide the background information which led to the conclusions. As a result, you may not be aware of the information the insurance company used to deny your claim.

Ask a Barrie Lawyer about Potential Delays in the Long-Term Disability Claims Process

If a delay occurs in the processing of your long-term disability claim in Barrie, you will have to run out of employment insurance and short-term disability benefits. You are going to have to pay your expenses, but you are going to have no income coming in, which can be financially challenging. It’s important to have communication with your insurance company, and if there is a delay, you should try to find out why.

If you are waiting to hear from your employer, you can contact your human resources department. If you are waiting to get clinical notes and records from your family doctor, you can call their office and request that information. If you find out why there is a delay in the process, you may not be able to do anything about it. However, sometimes, you can get involved in the process and help move your claim forward. Call us today to learn more.

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