Importance of Clear Communication in Barrie Long-Term Disability Claims

The importance of clear communication in Barrie long-term disability (LTD) claims cannot be understated. Insurance companies receive many LTD claims every year, only some of which are valid.

One of the problems that insurance companies face is deciding who is legitimately disabled and deserving of LTD benefits versus who is trying to submit an improper claim. If you do not establish the nature and severity of your disability up front, the insurance company may put you in a different category.

Insurance companies decide which claims they are comfortable with, which claims they think are bogus, and which claims they have questions about. Accurately communicating the severity of a disability helps ensure that the insurance company properly treats your claim as legitimate and does not raise red flags.

What Information Will a Lawyer Need to be a Better Advocate for You?

To be a better advocate for you, a good LTD lawyer should know your medical history, including any pre-existing medical conditions, medical problems that keep you from working, and any complicating factors. For instance, a dispute at work with a co-worker can be used as an excuse if there are previous absences from work or something similar that will raise red flags. LTD lawyers should also know your employment background to properly advocate for you.

Protecting Your Privacy Rights

The communications between you and your Barrie lawyer are privileged and will only be shared to the extent that is appropriate for a proper long-term disability claim. However, background information about your employment and health will likely be shared with the insurance company.

Privacy laws in Barrie are often violated, and certain background information should not be shared with your employer. It would be inappropriate for an LTD lawyer or insurance company to share too much information with an employer; it is none of the employer’s business, and, under current privacy legislation, they are often not entitled to that information anyway.

Transparent Communication

Transparent communication between you and your LTD lawyer during the claims process means being forthright, candid, and honest. If you are not open with your lawyer, they might not have all the tools they need to push your case forward effectively.

Few things can be more harmful to a case than not being transparent with your legal representative, particularly if the insurance company or employer leverages previously unknown information that might interfere with coverage in the midst of the process. You should collaborate with your legal counsel.

Filing a Detailed Claim

When filing a long-term disability claim, details can convey a lot of information to insurance adjusters, and it’s important to communicate in ways that adjusters understand. For instance, if someone files a claim stating that they have PTSD and stress problems that inhibit their ability to work, those details will likely be meaningful. However, if the details of the claim indicate that someone is having trouble getting along with a co-worker, it might lead the insurance company to conclude that the problem is a personality dispute, not a disability dispute.

How Can a Barrie LTD Lawyer Help Clearly Communicate the Severity of a Disability?

A member of our legal team could help you communicate the severity of your disability by collecting proper documentation to support your LTD application. Lawyers can sometimes get letters from treating physicians and therapists, witness statements from friends, family, and co-workers, as well as information from your employer.

How you communicate your disability is an important part of convincing the insurance company that your LTD claim is valid and meets the test for coverage under the policy. Ask one of our expert-ranked lawyers about how to clearly communicate in a Barrie long-term disability claim to maximize your chances of success.

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