Emotional Abuse in Barrie Nursing Homes

The use of abusive language to hurt or manipulate someone is considered emotional abuse. Staff members, doctors, residents, or guests could all be perpetrators of mental abuse in assisted living facilities.

When someone uses an inappropriate tone or raises their voice at a resident, they could be held liable for damages. If you have a relative in an assisted living facility, talk to an elite trial lawyer about taking legal action against emotional abuse in Barrie nursing homes. Getting in touch with a skilled nursing home abuse lawyer could positively influence the outcome of your case.

What Types of Patients Are Particularly Vulnerable to Mental Abuse?

Patients who are experiencing a neurocognitive decline are particularly susceptible to mental and verbal abuse. Additionally, residents who rely heavily on the nursing home staff are vulnerable.

Conversely, a patient with dementia might not be as susceptible to emotional abuse if they typically don’t understand what people are saying to them. Regardless of a nursing home resident’s vulnerability, emotional abuse is wrong, and you could work with a lawyer to file a lawsuit.

Common Signs and Consequences of Emotional Mistreatment

If you believe your family member is being emotionally abused in an assisted living facility, try to communicate with them. For non-verbal patients, you might ask them to write down what they’re experiencing.

You should also keep track of any changes in appearance or behavior. If your relative has become more withdrawn or had a significant weight change, you may need to hire a lawyer to investigate emotional abuse at the nursing home.

One of the most common examples of mental abuse is yelling at assisted living facility residents to convince them to eat, shower, or take their medication. In other situations, a negligent staff member might take advantage of a patient’s emotional state and manipulate them into giving away money.

Physiological exploitation such as this can cause severe harm to the resident. Someone might develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or other mental health conditions.

Liability in Barrie Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Assisted living facilities in Ontario operate on a for-profit basis, so they have a positive obligation to protect and care for their residents. In nursing home cases, liability is determined by whether the management team knew about the abuse or should have known about it.

It doesn’t matter whether a staff member, guest, or another resident is being emotionally abusive; the facility can be held liable. After becoming aware of the mistreatment, management should take swift action by firing the staff member or terminating the at-fault resident’s stay. If a visitor was the perpetrator, the facility could ban them from the premises.

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If you recently discovered your family member is being abused in a nursing home, transfer them to another facility immediately. Our trial lawyers could help you contact the police to get the at-fault party charged and request an inspection of the facility by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Reach out to our office to learn about the legal process for cases involving emotional abuse in Barrie nursing homes.

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