Sexual Abuse in Barrie Nursing Homes

Many forms of abuse take place in nursing homes because the mistreatment of residents often goes undetected. Residents may be subjected to sexual, emotional, or physical violence while in an assisted living facility.

Sexual abuse can be described as touching, performing sexual acts, or making inappropriate comments toward another person without their consent. If you suspect your loved one is being mistreated by residential staff, talk to a lawyer about sexual abuse in Barrie nursing homes. An expert-ranked nursing home abuse lawyer could guide you through the legal system and hold the facility accountable.

Why Are Residents Particularly Vulnerable to Sexual Abuse?

Most of the residents in nursing homes are older people who need assistance taking care of themselves. Often, they rely on the staff to perform daily activities. Because these older residents are dependent on the facility’s caretakers, they may have trouble objecting to any abuse.

For example, a resident with cognitive or physical barriers to communication might not be able to let others around them know what they’re going through. Because it can be difficult for residents to articulate the sexual abuse they’re experiencing, you should regularly check in on your family members in assisted living facilities.

Common Examples of Sexual Violence in Assisted Living Facilities

Sexual abuse can take many forms, and some are more subtle than others. A staff member might make repeated explicit comments to a resident or grab at them in an unwanted manner. Other forms of sexual violence include using physical force to perform sexual acts on a resident or touching them inappropriately as they sleep.

These acts can be difficult to notice because staff members will likely refrain from this behaviour while you’re visiting your family members. If you have a loved one in an assisted living facility, you should know the common signs of sexual abuse.

Potential Warning Signs of Abuse

Physical signs of sexual abuse can include bruising or scarring. Sexual trauma often also has psychological effects on the survivor. If you do not see any visual signs of harm, you should take notice of any change in behaviour or attitude. A lawyer who regularly handles nursing home cases could inform you of other types of evidence that may point toward sexual abuse.

The Duty of Care Owed to Nursing Home Residents in Barrie

The duty of care owed to residents in an assisted living facility is absolute. There is no excuse for sexual abuse or misconduct. When a nursing home becomes aware of any negligent acts, the facility must respond immediately and establish measures to ensure it does not happen again.

Does Liability Shift if another Resident is the Perpetrator?

It doesn’t matter if a staff member, another resident, or a visitor was the abuser in a nursing home case. Under provincial legislation, the assisted living facility has a positive obligation to keep the premises safe for its residents and prevent sexual abuse. If the facility fails to uphold that duty, you could retain an experienced lawyer to file a sexual violence claim against the nursing home.

Call Us to Discuss Sexual Abuse in Barrie Nursing Homes

If you’re worried that your relative is being sexually abused, monitor the situation, and attempt to communicate with them. You could also speak with some of the other residents in the facility to determine if they might know anything.

Once you’ve become aware of any abuse, get your family member out of that facility, contact the police, and retain a lawyer. Our firm has experience dealing with sexual abuse in Barrie nursing homes, and we could take steps to protect your loved ones.

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