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Despite the steps that the City of Barrie has taken to keep pedestrians safer, accidents are still common. In the event of any accident, pedestrians are especially vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries. If you were struck by a vehicle or slipped on an icy sidewalk while walking to your destination, you should speak to a Barrie pedestrian accident lawyer to improve your chances of obtaining compensation.

Common Injuries

Pedestrians have no protection from the impact of a vehicle and are therefore especially likely to sustain catastrophic injuries in the event of a crash. The most commonly reported pedestrian injuries include severe head trauma, backbone damage, and broken bones.

Regardless of which part of a person’s body sustains damage in a crash, it is likely to be severe or even fatal. If a person suffers an untimely passing because of a driver’s negligence, their surviving family members may file a wrongful death claim to recover their damages.

Pedestrians should always seek immediate medical attention after being involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, regardless of whether they are exhibiting symptoms of long-term bodily damage. Speaking to a doctor shortly after the crash will ensure that an injured claimant protects their health as well as preserve important medical evidence.

Proving Liability

In most personal injury cases in Ontario, the person filing the lawsuit has the burden to prove that someone else caused the accident which resulted in their injuries. Collisions involving pedestrians can be extremely serious, so the law provides injured pedestrians with additional protections.

The Highway Traffic Act, for example, imposes a reverse onus on pedestrian accident cases. This means that the motorist involved in the crash is responsible for proving that they were not at fault for the accident. For this reason, many claimants think that they do not need legal representation when filing a pedestrian accident claim, but a lawyer from our firm could help them obtain the maximum damages available to them.

Additionally, the opposing party may allege that an injured pedestrian contributed to their own damages in order to avoid paying compensation. For instance, they could claim that the pedestrian ran out in front of their vehicle, did not use a crosswalk, or was otherwise negligent at the time of the accident. It follows that an individual hurt in a pedestrian accident should speak to an experienced Barrie lawyer who can help them build a strong claim.

Also, many pedestrian victims do not realize that they are entitled to no-fault motor vehicle accident benefits when they are hit by a car or a truck. If they have auto insurance, they would claim from their own policy, but even if they don’t have their own auto insurance, they are entitled to make a claim under the at-fault driver’s auto policy. Claims should be made within 30 days of the accident, so it is important to hire an experienced Barrie lawyer right away.

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A person who is hurt by a negligent motorist while walking to their destination should enlist the help of a qualified Barrie pedestrian accident lawyer to improve their chances of obtaining a favorable outcome at trial. Injured pedestrians do not always have the same insurance protection as motorists, so receiving compensation is not always easy.

Additionally, pedestrians are vulnerable to sustaining severe injuries in the event of a crash, so lawsuits are often necessary. When this is the case, legal representation from our elite trial lawyers can make a substantial difference in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to, so call us today to get started on your case as soon as possible.

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