Preparing for a Slip and Fall Claim in Barrie

You should let a lawyer help you prepare for civil litigation after suffering an injury in a slip and fall accident. Our lawyers could work with you through every step of the trip and spill claims process, explain what is happening and why, what you have to worry about, what your opportunities are, and how you should prepare. The best way to prepare for a slip and fall claim in Barrie is often to communicate properly with a local lawyer and to meet with them regularly as your case progresses.

Important Evidence to Gather before Starting a Trip and Spill Case

The most important evidence you should gather is of the actual fall area if you can. It’s crucial to take photos and videos of where the tripping or falling incident took place, as property managers are usually quick to alter the scene of an accident to avoid civil liability. You should also compile evidence concerning your injuries (i.e., doctors’ notes and hospital records).

Additionally, it is advisable to gather the names of witnesses, as well as any other details with respect to the accident, people you have talked to, and how the fall has affected your ability to work. Notes from an employer is usually sufficient proof of a plaintiff’s inability to return to work.

Preparing a Demand Letter for a Slip and Fall Claim

Demand letters are highly technical documents that will be sent to the owner, occupier, and/or landlord of the property where the trip and fall accident took place. It indicates an intention of the plaintiff to pursue a claim under both common law and the Occupiers’ Liability Act. A demand letter automatically involves the insurance company by triggering both the running of interest and the litigation process. It is best to file a demand letter with the help of a Barrie lawyer.

Filing a Trip and Fall Claim against the Government or Municipality

A property can be controlled by the municipality, the County of Simcoe, or the province of Ontario, or it might be owned by one entity and maintained by another. If you are preparing to file a trip and fall accident claim against a government or municipality entity, you must provide proper written notice of your intent to sue within 10 days of your injury (60 days for non-governmental defendants). It is not enough to simply call them or have a verbal conversation with someone. The law generally requires notices to be submitted in writing.

You may need a lawyer to file a notice for you because every municipality has its own address for service, and in some cases, there is concurrent jurisdiction. Our legal team is experienced in giving proper notice and could help preserve your right to compensation by ensuring you don’t miss the notice deadlines set by the Occupier’s Liability Act. Get in touch with a member of our team today for assistance with preparing for a slip and fall claim in Barrie.

Sharing Information with a Barrie Lawyer in Preparation for a Slip and Fall Claim

In your initial intake meeting, you should be prepared to discuss how, why, and where the trip and fall incident happened. One of the issues that comes up is people who fall often do not have a strong enough recollection of exactly where the accident happened. In these cases, there might be some dispute as to whose property the fall occurred on.

It is therefore crucial to have as detailed a recollection as possible. It would be ideal to have photos or other records of where you fell, and you should be able to provide an account of how this has impacted you in terms of your injuries and ability to work. If you can provide us with these details, we can help you effectively prepare for a slip and fall claim in Barrie. Call our firm to learn more.

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