Damages in Barrie Truck Accident Cases

Collisions with large commercial vehicles are far more dangerous than accidents involving small passenger cars. Due to the significant losses you may face after a tractor-trailer wreck, you should seek enough financial compensation to address your current and future needs.

An expert-ranked truck accident lawyer could work with you to assess your losses and value your claim. Consider reaching out to our firm to discuss damages in Barrie truck accident cases.

What Are Economic Damages in Barrie?

Economic damages are actual, out-of-pocket expenses that an individual has incurred as a result of an accident. These losses typically relate to an inability to work or pursue business opportunities due to severe injuries.

In addition to lost income, economic damages generally cover out-of-pocket medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as the costs of transportation and assistive devices.

Calculating Financial Losses

Economic damages are usually calculated by hiring an actuary or an accountant. This financial expert would collect your income tax returns, work files, court statements, and documents detailing your job opportunities.

In Barrie, you’re only entitled to 70 per cent of your gross economic damages at the date of the judgment and 100 per cent of your future gross damages. By retaining a lawyer, you might have a better chance of recovering all the compensation you are entitled to after a truck wreck.

General Non-Pecuniary Damages

General non-pecuniary damages cover non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. One of our lawyers could establish pain and suffering by reviewing relevant information in your medical records and collecting witness statements.

Additionally, a trial lawyer might gather before-and-after pictures to demonstrate a decrease in your enjoyment of life since the commercial vehicle collision. The value of general damages in a truck accident claim is determined by looking at the case law for similar incidents.

What is the Legal Cap on Non-Pecuniary Compensation?

The cap for general damages is set at $101,979, though after being adjusted for inflation, it is about $370,000. No matter how much pain and suffering you’ve endured after your tractor-trailer collision, you can only receive $370,000 in general damages. It is difficult to evade this damage cap, but an experienced lawyer might be able to circumvent it by getting your truck wreck case to trial as quickly as possible.

Punitive Damages in Local Truck Accident Cases

Punitive damages are awarded in cases of wanton, high-handed, and callous behaviour. They’re very rarely granted, though they may be relevant in cases of repeated transgressions.

For example, the court may award exemplary damages if the trucking company responsible for your accident was previously instructed to change its ways but defied an order, resulting in the collision. You may benefit from asking a lawyer whether punitive damages are likely in your trucking accident case.

A Lawyer Could Help You Recover Damages in a Barrie Truck Accident Case

Hiring a lawyer is vital to getting the financial compensation you need to manage your changed lifestyle after a severe accident. An experienced lawyer knows which experts to hire and what reports and materials to request as evidence.

Insurance companies often don’t take plaintiffs seriously unless they have legal representation. Lawyers generally have a reputation with these companies and would know how to build a case properly. If you need legal help, contact us today to learn more about damages in Barrie truck accident cases.

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