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Bicycling can be a relaxing and environmentally friendly way of getting around, but it also comes with significant risks. Even when wearing proper protective equipment and taking all possible precautions, bicyclists in Collingwood are far more susceptible to serious injuries in the event of an accident compared to motor vehicle operators.

A Collingwood bicycle accident lawyer at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers could help you understand what insurance benefits may be available to you if you were hurt in a bike crash. Additionally, if a negligent motor vehicle driver is at fault for your injuries, a personal injury lawyer could work with you to file suit against them for additional damages.

No-Fault Accident Benefits Available to Bike Crash Victims

When a bicycle wreck occurs in Collingwood or anywhere else in Ontario, an injured bicyclist is typically eligible for no-fault Accident Benefits (ABs). As the name implies, these benefits are not dependent on one party being held liable for the accident in question – in fact, a bicyclist can recover compensation through ABs even if they are partially at fault for the accident.

No-fault Accident Benefits can cover various economic losses based on your needs and expenses, including:

  • Income lost due to time spent out of work
  • Non-earner benefits if you were not employed at the time of your injury
  • Housekeeping assistance and care from a live-in attendant if needed
  • Any expenses related to medical care and rehabilitation not covered by OHIP or another medical plan

These benefits would be paid out through your own automobile insurance coverage, or through the policy of another driver involved in the bicycle accident if you do not have coverage of your own.

However, pursuing these benefits can be a lengthy and complicated ordeal, involving numerous forms, notifications, and applications. For example, if a government entity (municipal, provincial, or county) is responsible for a collision, an injured cyclist may have as few as 10 days to put the at-fault party on notice of their intent to sue. A Collingwood bike crash lawyer could help you through every procedural step, contest any denials passed down by insurance companies, or pursue benefits through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund in the event of a hit-and-run.

Filing a Claim against a Negligent Driver

If an injured bicyclist in Collingwood wants to pursue civil litigation against an at-fault driver, they must do so separately from any no-fault insurance benefits to which they may also be entailed. As with other personal injury cases, a Collingwood bike wreck case requires you to prove that the defendant was legally negligent at the time of the collision.

If fault can be demonstrated in court, an injured bicyclist may be able to pursue civil restitution for losses that ABs doesn’t cover, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of long-term earning capacity
  • Loss of capacity to perform household chores and tasks
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Specifically, a plaintiff who can prove that they have suffered permanent impairment, disfigurement, and/or disability due to a bicycle accident could seek compensation for these non-pecuniary losses with help from dedicated legal counsel.

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While a variety of benefits may be available to victims of bike crashes in Collingwood, actually obtaining compensation can be quite difficult. There are many different procedural hoops to jump through, and the prospect of claim denials and negotiations can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, help is available from a Collingwood bicycle accident lawyer. To learn how we could assist with your case, call Rastin Trial Lawyers today.

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