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Buses are an essential part of Ontario’s transportation infrastructure, but they also pose a serious threat to the safety of others on and around the road. When a large commuter bus gets in a traffic accident, passengers and passersby alike may end up suffering significant injuries that result in numerous personal and financial consequences.

If you were recently harmed in an incident involving a public transit vehicle, recovering compensation can be made easier with help from a qualified personal injury lawyer. In addition to helping you maximize the restitution available to you, a knowledgeable Collingwood bus accident lawyer could also help you avoid the pitfalls of insurance claims that might otherwise limit your recovery.

Holding Municipal Authorities Liable for a Local Crash

While government entities in Ontario were once immune from all forms of civil liability, various changes in province law have allowed local residents to hold these entities accountable in certain circumstances. One such scenario is when a driver employed by a municipal bus service negligently causes a wreck that results in injury to at least one bus passenger or another driver.

With help from a Collingwood public transit vehicle crash lawyer, you may be able to hold the municipal authority that employs the at-fault driver liable for failing to perform proper screening, training, and/or monitoring of their employees. Likewise, a mechanical failure stemming from poor maintenance by a municipal entity may be grounds for a lawsuit if it directly causes a bus to crash.

Whatever the cause of a bus accident, anyone seeking to file suit against a government entity in our area must notify the relevant municipal authority no later than 10 days following the collision in question. For this reason, promptly seeking legal representation can be especially important after a bus accident compared to other types of auto collisions.

Recovering Statutory Accident Benefits after a Collingwood Bus Crash

In a typical motor vehicle accident case, an injured driver or passenger may recover compensation for various economic losses – including medical expenses, lost work wages, and costs of rehabilitative and attendant care – from the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) available through their auto insurance policy. These benefits are also available for bus passengers injured in public transit vehicle accidents, either through their own policy if they have one or through the policy held by the bus driver or their employer.

However, it should be noted that SABS only cover certain quantitative losses, and it can be somewhat difficult to pursue these benefits if an injury does not directly result from a bus collision. Depending on the circumstances, a bus accident lawyer from our firm could help you file a third-party lawsuit for non-economic damages or contest a denial of insurance benefits if necessary.

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Whether it came from a minor fender-bender or a high-speed highway crash, any injury sustained while riding on a public or private bus can have a severe impact on both your physical health and financial wellbeing. In a typical case, you may have many options at your disposal for recovering compensation, but taking advantage of those options can be challenging.

Working with a Collingwood bus accident lawyer is often the best way to effectively pursue a positive resolution to both SABS claims and civil litigation for non-economic damages. Call today to find out how a qualified legal professional at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers could help you.

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