Mistakes to Avoid after a Collingwood Car Accident

Sometimes, an at-fault driver’s insurance company will go to an accident victim and try to negotiate a quick settlement. If they do not have proper legal advice, they have no way of evaluating whether the settlement being offered is fair and reasonable.

A quick settlement offer after a car crash rarely reflects the actual value of an accident victim’s losses and are used to dissuade people from filing claims against at-fault parties. This is how insurance companies try to avoid or minimize liability for themselves.

For this reason, you should never speak with insurance adjusters without first consulting with a well-versed lawyer. The experienced lawyers at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies and can help you avoid crucial mistakes after a Collingwood car accident.

Failing to Contact Legal Counsel after an Auto Accident in Collingwood

It is important to contact a lawyer right after an accident for several reasons. For example, if you are dealing with a road authority that maintains roads for salting, sanding, snow removal, etc., there is a 10-day notice period requirement in the legislation. If you do not put the road authority, the municipality, or the province on notice of your intent to sue within 10 days, you could potentially lose your right to pursue compensation from the responsible entity.

Neglecting to Preserve Evidence after a Collision

There might be evidence that can be preserved if you contact a lawyer right away. For instance, one of our team members could get an engineer to the accident scene to take a look at the black box evidence. Getting rid of your car could also lead to the loss of crucial evidence.

Another thing that is strongly recommended in this age of smartphones is taking pictures of the accident scene, as photo evidence can be invaluable in terms of proving your case. There might be other steps you can take to strengthen your claim, and waiting to contact a Collingwood lawyer could cause you to miss those opportunities.

Disregarding Doctors’ Orders

Sometimes, accident victims will go back to work against doctors’ orders because they have to, and insurance companies tend to use that against claimants down the road. If you go back to work when you are not medically able to, that is going to prejudice your case and diminish your ability to recover damages.

Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

Another common mistake people make after a motor vehicle accident is deciding which lawyer they are going to hire based on advertising. When you are making a decision about which lawyer you are going to hire after a car crash, you should not choose someone just because you saw their picture on the back of a bus or heard their name on a radio ad.

It is imperative to take the time to research the legal team you are going to hire and find someone who is going to be focused on you. If you hire the wrong legal representative, they may under-settle the case for you. That is probably the biggest mistake people should avoid after a car accident in Collingwood.

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