Time it Takes to Settle a Collingwood Car Accident Claim

In Ontario, there is a minimum amount of time before one can settle a car crash case. In an accident benefits claim through your insurance provider, you cannot settle for at least one year. The court system in Ontario is very slow, so it can take anywhere from six months to several years to settle a civil case.

If you hire a good lawyer, they can move the process forward by ensuring that there are no delays in the collection of information, submission of a claim, or discovery scheduling. If you are not careful and hire a lawyer who is not proactive about pushing your case forward, the amount of time it takes to settle your Collingwood car accident claim may be increased by years.

Potential Delays in the Settlement of a Collingwood Car Crash Case

When negotiating a settlement, the insurance company is going to raise as many arguments as they can to decrease the amount they owe you. Specifically, they will likely argue that you are partially responsible for the car accident regardless of whether you actually are and try to marshal evidence to that effect.

They are going to pull up old medical and work history records to make arguments that you had pre-existing medical conditions or that you were about to lose your job. They will argue that you have not worked as hard as you can to get back to normal after an auto accident, so you can expect them to challenge the work that you have done to put your life back together after the crash.

A lot of times, injured folks in Ontario will be subject to covert surveillance. Investigators may follow you around and videotape you living your life in an effort to prove that you have been less than honest with the insurance company about the severity of your accident-related injuries.

These manipulation tactics can prevent someone from getting a fair settlement offer from an insurance company and increase the chances of trial. If you can successfully refute these issues, you are more likely to get an insurance company to come to the table earlier and offer a fair settlement. However, if the insurance company believes that these are legitimate issues that they might be able to convince a jury to accept, they are more likely to take the case to trial, which could result in a delay of multiple years.

Steps to Take to Ensure a Timely Settlement

To ensure a timely settlement, you should hire a lawyer sooner rather than later. Be careful not to give a statement to the insurance company without getting legal advice in advance. It is also advisable to collect evidence at the accident scene by taking pictures on your smartphone. You should cooperate with your lawyer so information relevant to reaching a settlement can be exchanged in a timely fashion.

Build a collaborative and positive relationship with your legal representative. The Collingwood lawyers at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers are certified specialists in personal injury, expert-ranked, or have taken leadership roles in the profession. Our team possesses the skills necessary to achieve a favourable auto collision settlement with little delay.

Let a Collingwood Lawyer Help Decrease the Time it Takes to Settle a Car Accident Claim

Our team of lawyers could help with the accident benefits application process and hire the right experts to assist with liability, damages calculations, economic loss, and future medical rehabilitation expenses. We bring a level of credibility to the negotiation table that the insurance company can’t argue with.

Insurance companies take a case more seriously if there is a trial-tested lawyer on the other side negotiating. Sometimes, when people hire a lawyer who has a reputation of going to trial, it helps settle the case more quickly without having to go to court. Call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers immediately for assistance with decreasing the amount of time it takes to settle a Collingwood car accident claim.

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