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Millions of Canadians depend on over-the-counter and prescription medications to manage various medical conditions and maintain their physical and mental health. While most over-the-counter medicines are safe to use and function as intended, some drugs cause more harmful effects than helpful ones, often leading to significant personal and financial losses.

If you suffered harm due to a medication’s undisclosed side effects or contraindications, you should consider speaking with a Collingwood dangerous drugs lawyer. Once retained, a qualified personal injury lawyer could help you file suit against the manufacturer, pharmacy, or doctor responsible for the negative outcome you experienced and the various damages it caused.

Legal Grounds for a Hazardous Medication Lawsuit

Dangerous drug lawsuits in our area are typically treated as defective product cases. A person who is injured by a hazardous medication may file a civil suit based on a defect in the drug’s design, a mistake that occurred during the manufacturing process, or a manufacturer’s or pharmacist’s failure to warn them of potential side effects.

Drug manufacturers often bear liability for failing to sufficiently test a medication before putting it on the market. Whether this entails failing to test for certain side effects, identify contraindications, or simply confirm a drug actually achieves its intended effect, any kind of negligence during the design and testing phase of medication development could be grounds for civil litigation.

In other situations, medications may be dangerous because of a manufacturer’s deliberate effort to falsify or conceal test results, suppress information about side effects, or otherwise fail to disclose potential risks associated with their drug. A seasoned lawyer in Collingwood could help you pursue compensation through a dangerous medication claim.

The Importance of Seeking Help from Legal Counsel

Regardless of who is liable for the damages that a hazardous drug causes, successfully recovering compensation in a defective medication lawsuit can be challenging. Drug manufacturers are typically huge, multinational corporations with massive revenue streams, and because of that, they usually have legal teams whose entire jobs are dedicated to refuting and minimizing civil liability.

Fortunately, victims of defective drugs don’t have to fight alone. Mass-tort lawsuits allow for multiple plaintiffs affected by the same hazardous medication to combine their cases and fight collectively for a settlement. A lawyer in our area could help a victim of a dangerous medication join such an effort or potentially start one themselves.

Learn More by Speaking with a Collingwood Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Lawsuits based on dangerous and defective drugs are among the most complicated types of civil cases in Ontario. The defendants in these claims are pharmaceutical companies with immense resources at their disposal. If you are not the only one who has suffered harm from a particular drug, it may be impossible for you to recover compensation in a class action lawsuit.

A skilled and well-versed Collingwood dangerous drugs lawyer could offer dedicated support and counsel throughout every stage of your case, fighting tirelessly every step of the way for the compensation you deserve. Call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today to find out what could be possible in your situation.

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