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Whether you shop at a physical store or through an online retailer, you should be able to trust that the products you buy are safe to use. Unfortunately, various defects and deficiencies could make a product unreasonably dangerous to consumers and cause significant injuries and losses as a result.

If you suffered harm from using a product you recently purchased as directed, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation from liable parties. With guidance and support from a Collingwood defective products lawyer, you could improve your chances of establishing liability for an item’s defect and recovering financially for the damages you suffered.

What Kind of Product Defects Justify a Collingwood Civil Claim?

There are several ways to establish that a product is defective and that its manufacturer and/or seller bears liability for your damages. A local dangerous products lawyer could work with you to determine what kind of defect caused your injuries and how its classification might impact your case.

Design Defects

If the fundamental conception and construction of a product makes it inherently dangerous, a consumer injured by that item may be able to file suit based on a defect in its design. Design defects impact every product that is manufactured, and they often warrant mass recalls of an entire product line.

Manufacturing Defects

In some cases, a product is designed to be safe, but a mistake during the manufacturing process of an individual unit or batch of items makes a particular incarnation of the product defective. Since these kinds of defects occur during the production of a item, they are often unique to individual units and can sometimes be tricky to identify without professional legal help.

Marketing Defects

Even if a product is both designed and manufactured without any defects, a manufacturer may still be liable for injuries that stem from a lack of instructions for proper use or insufficient warnings about improper use. Also known as a failure to warn, marketing defects can be the result of a misprint during packaging, failure to disclose common dangers, or negligence by a specific retailer.

Liable Parties for a Dangerous Product in Our Area

In most defective product cases, the primary defendant is the original manufacturer of the item that harmed the plaintiff. However, numerous other parties may bear partial or total liability for a defect depending on the circumstances.

For example, a third party responsible for inspecting and/or certifying the safety of a product could be held liable for failing to identify a manufacturing defect before placing an item on the market. Likewise, someone who installs an otherwise safe product in an unsafe way could be held responsible for any injuries a consumer suffers as a result of their careless work.

In some cases, individual distributors and retailers may be liable for certain types of marketing defects. The help of an experienced defective products lawyer in Collingwood could be crucial in determining who bears liability and holding them accountable.

Consult with a Collingwood Defective Products Lawyer Today

The idea of filing a civil suit against a product manufacturer or retailer may seem intimidating. These companies often have their own legal teams dedicated to contesting civil claims based on the products they make or sell. However, if you were injured by a dangerous consumer product, you could even the odds with the help of a seasoned legal professional from our team.

The first step to filing a successful civil claim is speaking with legal counsel about your options. Get started on your case by calling a Collingwood defective products lawyer at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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