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A paralysis injury is by far one of the most devastating impairments a person can endure. Paralysis injuries often require long-term medical care and leave the victim unable to earn a living or support their loved ones.

If your immobilizing condition was the result of someone’s negligence, it might be wise to speak with a Midland paralysis injury lawyer to discuss whether you are owed compensation. A catastrophic injury lawyer with a wide range of resources at their disposal can work on your behalf to secure the benefits that you need to move forward.

Common Causes of Immobilizing Conditions in Midland

Paralysis injuries are catastrophic in nature and can permanently impact a person’s ability to function or live a healthy life. Conditions of immobility can stem from numerous causes, including severe slip and fall incidents, pedestrian accidents, roadway collisions, and medical negligence. Acts of violence are another common cause of paralysis injuries in our area.

Any of these accidents can result in significant trauma to the spinal cord, one of the leading causes of paralysis. Damage to the spine can cause a lapse in communication between the brain and certain areas of the spinal cord, causing the victim to lose function and feeling in the affected region(s).

Types of Paralysis Injuries

There are several types of paralysis, and the extent of someone’s immobility depends largely on whether they sustain a complete or incomplete spinal injury. A complete injury involves total loss of function and sensation below the site of impact. On the other hand, an incomplete injury indicates that the victim retains some sensation or function below the affected region.

The area that sustains damage affects whether one, multiple, or all limbs are paralyzed. For example, if you sustain damage to the upper cervical nerves, you may experience paralysis in the torso and all four limbs. Hemiplegia is another common type of paralysis injury where just one side of the body sustains impaired sensation and function. When someone is involved in an accident and sustains a paralysis injury due to negligence, they should reach out to a Midland lawyer who could provide an assessment of their claim and advise what benefits may be available in their circumstances.

Pursuing Benefits for Paralyzed Accident Victims

There are several kinds of benefits that may be available to paralyzed accident victims in our area. When a paralysis injury is the result of an auto accident, the victim can file a claim under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, or SABS. Because Ontario is a no-fault province, anyone injured in a collision can file a SABS claim regardless of whether they were at fault for the accident.

Numerous forms of compensation can be recovered in a SABS claim, including medical benefits, caregiver benefits, and attendant care benefits. Paralysis injuries often lead to total disability. You can also collect income replacement benefits if you are unable to earn a living or your injury prevents you from returning to the job duties you performed before the accident. A lawyer from our firm could assist you with filing a SABS claim, as well as pursuing any other benefits to which you may be entitled.

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A paralysis injury can change your life forever, inflicting tremendous physical, financial, and emotional strain on you and your family. A Midland paralysis injury lawyer could investigate the circumstances of your accident and build a robust claim for compensatory benefits. Call Rastin Trial Lawyers today for more information about starting a legal claim.

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