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While it may be difficult to imagine, abuse and neglect is rampant in many Ontario nursing homes, and the Coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the harm suffered by many residents of long-term care facilities. According to a report published in May 2020, Canadian Armed Forces teams observed deplorable conditions in several Ontario nursing homes during the COVID-19 crisis, including subpar sanitation procedures and residents left alone for days at a time.

If you or a family member experienced negligent care in a local assisting living facility during the Coronavirus pandemic, you may want to speak with class action lawyer about your options for filing suit. Once retained, a seasoned Midland nursing home Coronavirus lawyer at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers could help you gather evidence of careless or abusive behaviour and pursue appropriate compensation in a mass tort claim.

How Nursing Homes Can be Held Liable for Coronavirus Negligence

Unfortunately, given how contagious and misunderstood the novel Coronavirus is, it would be unreasonable to expect even the most careful and attentive long-term care facility to completely eradicate any chance of a resident getting infected. That being said, if an infection results from gross negligence by nursing home staff or administrators, it may be possible for family members of an affected resident to join a mass tort claim with other affected parties.

For example, in order to minimize the chances of infection spreading through vulnerable nursing home populations, it would be reasonable to expect facility staff members to quarantine individuals who are known to be infected, increase sanitation and disinfection procedures, and ensure the use of personal protective equipment and consistent hand washing. A single positive case in a nursing home that follows procedures like these may not create civil liability, but multiple infections in a facility that does little to meet these standards may warrant class action litigation.

A qualified Midland lawyer from our firm could determine whether pandemic conditions in a particular nursing home warrant mass tort litigation. If a resident loses their life to COVID-19 due to negligent nursing home care, legal counsel could help their surviving loved ones pursue damages through a Family Law Act claim.

Filing Options for Family Members of Residents

The best course of action for a nursing home abuse case related to COVID-19 could vary depending on the circumstances. Many nursing home abuse cases are filed against individual staff members or administrators within a single facility. If a resident’s injuries or losses can be traced back to a single individual or facility’s negligence, an independent civil claim might be the best filing options for their family members to seek justice.

However, as the Canadian Armed Forces’ report indicates, nursing home negligence has unfortunately been widespread throughout Ontario during the Coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, due to the nature of COVID-19, abusive and neglectful actions by a single staff member or facility could result in dozens of infections. An elite trial lawyer from our team could help you join other impacted residents and their loved ones in a nursing home neglect class-action lawsuit for damages related to Coronavirus.

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COVID-19 has had an especially severe impact on the elderly population in Ontario, and many residents of local nursing homes and assisted living facilities have unfortunately paid an especially high price. Inexcusably poor conditions in several such facilities have led to numerous infections and premature deaths that may have been preventable with better hygienic and sanitation standards.

If you and your family have been affected by the pandemic in this way, help is available from a Midland nursing home Coronavirus lawyer. To schedule a private meeting and discuss your potential case, call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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