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The COVID-19 pandemic has had particularly devastating effects on Ontario’s elderly population, especially those who depend on around-the-clock care in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. While a nursing home cannot be held responsible for every consequence of a widespread pandemic, you may be able to file suit if negligence by facility staff and administrators allowed preventable infections to occur.

An Orillia nursing home Coronavirus lawyer could help you determine whether you have grounds to pursue litigation after you or a loved one suffered harm from COVID-19 in an assisted living facility. Nursing home neglect cases can be complicated under ordinary circumstances, so you should consider working with a skilled class action lawyer in a mass tort claim against a facility whose negligence may have harmed many residents and their families.

The Applicable Standard of Care during a Pandemic

No matter the circumstances, nursing homes are responsible for attending to the basic needs of all their residents and acting reasonably to protect them from foreseeable harm. However, the exact responsibilities conferred by this legal duty of care vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, one resident might need constant monitoring to prevent them from wandering off, while others may be more self-sufficient.

Any staff member, administrator, or owner of a nursing home who fails to fulfill their duty of care may bear civil liability for any injuries and losses a resident suffers as a direct result. Consequently, if a nursing home failed to maintain appropriate sanitation practices and proximately created worse conditions for residents during the Coronavirus pandemic, its owner and/or staff members could be held liable for any ensuing infection in a subsequent mass tort claim.

However, proving a causal link between negligence in a nursing home and a COVID-19 infection can be extremely tricky, since the nature of this disease makes it very difficult to track where it came from or even how it was transmitted from one person to another. A qualified lawyer could help you collect evidence of an assisted living facility’s negligence in disease prevention during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Working Together with other Affected Parties

Unfortunately, poor conditions in Orillia nursing homes have led to a handful of preventable COVID-19 cases in addition to other catastrophic and deadly consequences. Some Coronavirus-related deaths occurring in assisted living facilities can be attributed to abuse by nursing home staff members.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate to file a nursing home Coronavirus claim with other residents and families who have suffered similar damages by similar means. Through class action litigation, multiple plaintiffs can work together to hold a single negligent entity liable for actions that harmed multiple people in similar ways. A qualified Orillia lawyer from our firm could discuss whether starting or joining a mass tort claim would be appropriate for your nursing home Coronavirus claim.

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No nursing home resident should suffer abuse or neglect from those entrusted with their care. Unfortunately, far too many assisted care facilities in our area do not adhere to the standard of care expected of them. To make matters worse, negligence during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has led to hundreds of preventable infections and deaths in unsanitary nursing homes.

If you or a loved one were impacted by COVID-19 because of an assisted living facility’s poor care, you should consider retaining an Orillia nursing home Coronavirus lawyer from Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers for help with pursuing class action litigation. Call our firm today to schedule a consultation with a legal professional.

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