Orillia Medical Negligence Lawyer

Just like any other working professional, it is possible for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to make mistakes in how they treat patients. Unfortunately, when mistakes can be attributed to a healthcare professional’s negligence, the harm a patient suffers as a result could form the basis of a successful medical malpractice lawsuit.

If you want to effectively pursue litigation against any kind of healthcare provider, you will almost certainly need help from a skilled Orillia medical negligence lawyer. These cases can be extraordinarily complex and take a long time to litigate. Without guidance from a seasoned personal injury lawyer, you may have slim odds of recovering any compensation for your damages.

What Actions Constitute Medical Malpractice in Orillia?

Before taking legal action against a medical professional, it’s important to understand that negative outcomes in a clinical setting do not always justify civil litigation. To successfully hold a doctor or nurse financially liable for their negligence, you must show that you had a documented doctor-patient relationship with the defendant in your claim and that you suffered reasonably foreseeable damages as a direct result of their failure to provide the applicable standard of medical care.

Depending on the circumstances under which they are practicing, the standard of care a doctor must meet can vary significantly. For example, medical professionals cannot be reasonably expected to make perfect diagnoses or provide exceptional personalized care to every patient in an emergency room, so ER physicians are generally given more leniency for mistakes.

However, a patient who suffers debilitating harm as a direct result of a doctor’s failure to perform appropriate tests, communicate treatment options and risks, prescribe the correct type or dosage of medication, or perform the correct operation may have grounds for a civil case. A local lawyer could go over your legal options with you and help determine whether you are eligible to file a medical negligence clam.

Challenges of Suing a Healthcare Provider

Even if a medical professional was negligent in their treatment or diagnosis of a condition, it can be immensely difficult to prove in a court of law. Finding expert witnesses who are willing to testify against a fellow physician is often difficult. Both individual practitioners and the hospitals that employ them go to great lengths to contest allegations of negligence by employing expensive legal teams of their own. In both respects, assistance from a knowledgeable medical negligence lawyer in Orillia can be a virtual necessity.

Furthermore, there are strict filing deadlines for medical malpractice cases that prospective plaintiffs must keep in mind when preparing to initiate a civil claim. With very few exceptions, a plaintiff must file suit within two years of discovering their malpractice-related damages or when they should have reasonably discovered them. Otherwise, family members of a patient who passed away as a result of medical negligence have two years after their loved one’s wrongful death to file a Family Law Act claim.

Contact an Orillia Medical Negligence Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Successfully recovering compensation for damages sustained due to a medical professional’s recklessness is not impossible. However, it may feel that way if you try to pursue a claim without first retaining experienced legal counsel.

Speaking with an Orillia medical negligence lawyer should be your top priority if you suspect that reckless or careless medical care has led to your injuries or illness. To schedule a consultation and discuss your options, contact Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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