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Many Orillia residents enjoy motorcycling as a form of recreation or mode of transportation. However, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous due to the lack of protection for riders. Although any motor vehicle can be dangerous in the event of an accident, bikers face heightened risks when other drivers behave recklessly on the road.

If you suffered an injury on a motorcycle due to another driver’s careless or negligent actions, you could have a viable claim for compensation. Speak with our experienced legal team for a case evaluation and explanation of your options. An Orillia motorcycle accident lawyer could help improve your chances of obtaining the financial resources you need for your recovery.

Common Motorbiking Accidents in Orillia

There are many ways a motorcycle accident can occur. While some crashes are unavoidable, many are caused by the negligence of other drivers.

Inattentive Driving

One of the most common contributing factors in motorcycle collisions is driver inattention. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to being hit by distracted motorists because their vehicles are much smaller and harder to see than cars, trucks, or buses. Collisions due to inattentiveness often occur during lane changes or intersection turns.

Intoxicated Driving

Some motorcycle accidents occur due to intoxication. While drunk drivers put all motorists in danger, they present a significant danger to motorcyclists who have little protection from vehicular impact. A local lawyer with experience handling drunk driving collisions could help an injured motorcyclist pursue appropriate compensation in a civil claim.

Vehicle Malfunction

Although driver error and negligence are common factors in motorcycle accidents, crashes could also result due to vehicular malfunction. If a defective vehicle or part is responsible for a traffic collision, a skilled lawyer could help the injured motorcyclist hold the manufacturer accountable.

Pursuing Compensation

There are two primary options for pursing compensation available to injured motorcyclists following a wreck. The law requires each rider to carry insurance, which allows them to pursue accident benefits regardless of who was at fault for the crash. However, these claims will not cover all the damages from the accident. Specifically, an injured motorcyclist may not obtain compensation for their pain and suffering through statutory accident benefits.

To claim damages for pain and suffering directly from the at-fault party, a motorcyclist and their legal counsel may pursue a tort claim. These claims are also useful in cases where insurance benefits do not cover the full amount of a rider’s losses.

However, successful tort claims are not easy to make. A biker must first establish that the other party was negligent in causing the collision. Additionally, compensation for pain and suffering is only available for the most severe cases. A motorcycle accident victim in Orillia should reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer to assess their case and advise on the most effective strategy for pursuing compensation.

Discuss Your Case with an Orillia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries for impacted riders. If you were injured in this type of collision, seek persistent legal representation to obtain fair compensation for your losses. From investigating the crash to identifying the at-fault party, our expert-ranked lawyers could provide valuable assistance for your case and allow you to focus on your recovery. Call to speak with an Orillia motorcycle accident lawyer at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today.

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