Orillia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Many families rely on nursing homes to provide care for their elderly loved ones. Sadly, cases of abuse and neglect sometimes occur in these facilities, impacting vulnerable residents who cannot defend themselves.

If you suspect that a loved one has experienced abuse in their assisted living facility, contact our dedicated law firm. An Orillia nursing home abuse lawyer could walk you through your options and assist you in pursuing a legal claim against the abusive employee or facility.

Risks of Elder Harm in Orillia Retirement Homes

There are multiple factors that could put a nursing home resident at risk of abuse. Most elderly residents are in these facilities because they require specialized care, thereby putting them in a vulnerable position. Some lack mobility, while others face cognitive difficulties that prevent them from making decisions regarding their own care. These physical or mental impairments make residents particularly vulnerable to abuse or neglect under the following common circumstances.

Insufficient Staffing

In many cases, abuse and neglect occurs due to insufficient staffing levels. When a nursing home does not have enough caretakers present, the needs of some residents might not be met. When nursing home residents are forced to meet their own needs, they are also more prone to injury.

Unsafe Environment

Some nursing homes lack the systems necessary to keep their residents safe, such as alarms or secure exterior doors. Other, neglectful facilities may leave hazardous objects or chemicals in areas where residents can reach them. Allowing elderly residents to live in a dangerous environment could constitute elder abuse.

Inadequate Screening Process

In some cases, nursing home abuse occurs due to an administrator’s failure to properly screen its staff. When a facility hires dangerous or unqualified employees, they could face responsibility for any subsequent injuries sustained by their residents. A lawyer well-versed in local nursing home cases could advise a family on pursuing a claim for this form of abuse.

Difficulties of Nursing Home Negligence Claims

Every nursing home in Orillia owes a duty of care to its residents. When the administrators and staff fail to exercise a reasonable standard of care, they could face liability for any injuries or illnesses that occur as a result.

Unfortunately, there are unique challenges that come with pursuing a nursing home abuse claim. Many elderly residents face cognitive issues that can make it difficult or impossible for them to report abuse or neglect. Others may not speak up out of fear of reprisal from their caretakers. For these reasons, it is vital that family members of a nursing home resident look out for signs of abuse.

If elder neglect is suspected, a dedicated legal advocate from Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers could investigate the case by reviewing medical records, questioning witnesses, and evaluating employment records. These efforts are often vital to a successful claim on behalf of the elderly victim and their family.

Reach out to an Orillia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When it comes to protecting your loved ones, seek the advice of an expert-ranked lawyer with extensive experience in these types of cases. Working with an Orillia nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm could improve your chances of a successful claim and help you obtain justice for your family. Call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today to discuss your circumstances with a knowledgeable legal advocate.

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