Our Legal Support Team

Our Legal Support Team

Our team will strive to get the best possible outcome for you and guide you through this difficult time.

Jacquie Bonneau

Legal Assistant

Meet your first point of contact for our firm! Whether you are visiting our Barrie office or calling in to speak to our legal team, Jacquie will be the first to pleasantly greet you. With over 20 years experience in administration and providing support to clients and our legal team, you can count on Jacquie to keep our offices running smoothly.

Judy Cove


Judy has been a dedicated and compassionate legal professional for 25+ years. Her extensive experience in the practice of civil litigation enables her to provide our clients with exceptional legal services. As our law firm’s Paralegal, Judy continues to demonstrate her commitment to the “fight for right” for our clients.

Kira Lamoureux

Legal Assistant

Kira has always had a passion for all things legal. Her passion led her to enroll at Canadian Career College and even fast tracked her program to graduate early. Kira received her diploma in Paralegal Studies. Rastin Law is happy to have her as the legal assistant to our litigation support team and we can say; with confidence, that she is a great addition to our team.

Lee-Ann Fournier

Senior Law Clerk

Lee-Ann is an indispensable member of our litigation support team. As a Senior Law Clerk with over 24 years experience in the civil litigation field, she enjoys providing clients peace of mind that their file is well taken care of and a top priority to our law firm. Lee-Ann has been involved in the “fight for right” alongside Steve Rastin since 1996.

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