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Given its proximity to dozens of lakes, Sudbury is home to many boating enthusiasts. Watercrafts can provide endless entertainment but also pose significant risks in the event of an accident. Boating collisions can lead to severe injuries and even drowning.

If you were involved in a boat crash because of someone else’s negligence, a skilled personal injury lawyer on our team could help you identify potentially liable parties. Ontario civil laws often require immediate action after a water vessel collision, so let a Sudbury boat accident lawyer take the lead in your case to ensure filing deadlines are met.

Common Types of Boating Accidents in Sudbury

There are many types of recreational boating collisions in our neighborhoods. A local lawyer could help you classify your water vessel accident and pursue a claim on your behalf.

Collisions with Other Vessels

Many boat crashes involve collisions between two or more vessels. These accidents could involve other boats as well as small watercrafts like jet skis. Given the speed at which some boats can operate, collisions often result in devastating or catastrophic injuries.

Collisions with Fixed Objects

Other boating accidents arise from a vessel colliding with a fixed object. These objects could be obscured under the water, like a rock or a piece of debris, or visible, like a dock or bridge support.

Running Aground

Sometimes, careless or reckless boat operators unintentionally make contact with dry land. This is known as running aground. In addition to striking a beach or outcropping, some water vessel accidents involve striking underwater landmasses that are just below the surface.


When boats sink, the resulting panic can lead to injuries. Sinking boats also increase the risk of drowning. Watercrafts can sink for a variety of reasons, including mechanical failures or flooding due to extreme weather.

Overboard Accidents

Injuries and deaths that occur when a passenger falls overboard can also form the basis of a successful boat crash case in Sudbury. This is especially dangerous in cases where the passenger is not wearing a life jacket. If someone does pass away in this type of boating accident, their surviving loved ones can rely on our team to file an effective Family Law Act claim.

Liable Parties in Boat Crash Claims

Watercraft crashes can have many liable parties. With the help of a Sudbury lawyer, anyone injured in an otherwise preventable boat collision could bring a lawsuit against each party who contributed to the crash.

Many boating accidents are caused by operator negligence. When two water vessels collide, the injured party could bring a claim against the operator of the other boat. In cases where both operators were negligent, a passenger could pursue a claim against both of them.

Some watercraft crashes can be attributed to a defective part or faulty maintenance. In these cases, an individual injured in a boat accident could have legal recourse against a manufacturer of a defective part or the mechanic who negligently repaired the vessel.

Some cases involve the negligence of a boat passenger. If one occupant of the boat negligently causes another person to fall overboard or otherwise suffer an injury, they could face liability as well.

Discuss Your Boat Accident Case with a Sudbury Lawyer

Before you discuss a boat accident with an insurance adjuster or the at-fault party, enlist the help of an experienced lawyer from our firm. Protecting your legal claim requires great care and timely execution, as one wrong word could jeopardize your right to financial recovery.

Let a Sudbury boat accident lawyer review your case and advocate for your right to receive compensation from liable parties. To discuss your legal options, schedule your consultation today.

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