Sudbury Long-Term Disability Claim Denials

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance policies provide income benefits to individuals who are too injured or sick to work. These policies can be purchased individually or provided by an employer. In either case, policyholders will pay monthly premiums to keep this coverage active.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always hold up their end of the deal. When insurers refuse to pay out on long-term disability benefits, a dedicated LTD lawyer could help fight back. You could improve your chances of successfully appealing a Sudbury long-term disability claim denial by working with our trial-savvy legal team.

Disabilities that Qualify for Long-Term Benefits

Long-term disability benefits are available for any condition that keeps a policyholder out of work for a year or more. These policies do not require that an impairment results from a single condition. In fact, LTD claims in Sudbury often involve a series of disabilities that compound over time. A successful long-term disability claim can arise from physical, emotional, and mental health conditions.

Some conditions that commonly result in long-term disability include but are not limited to:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stroke

Even when these conditions are disabling, insurance companies are reluctant to cover them. A local trial lawyer could help hold the insurance company accountable for their LTD contractual obligations.

Common Reasons for Denied LTD Claims in Sudbury

Insurance companies will find any reason to deny a long-term disability claim. Some denials are issued for a lack documentation, while others are simply in bad faith. A lawyer near you could investigate the reason for a long-term disability claim denial and work to overturn the decision on your behalf.

Lack of Notice

One of the most common reasons for a denied LTD claim is a lack of notice provided to the insurance company. Long-term disability contracts require policyholders to notify the insurer of a potential claim right away, and failure to do so could be problematic for a claim.

Lack of Communication/Cooperation

Insurance companies also require continued cooperation regarding the claim. It is not enough to file a claim and ignore further requests for documentation. An insurance company can deny an LTD claim if they do not receive further communication from you. They may also deny a claim if the claimant refuses to attend evaluations by independent medical examiners.

Lack of Evidence

Oftentimes, insurance companies will deny a long-term disability claim due to a lack of objective evidence that a disabling condition exists. These LTD denials are common even when a claimant provides medical records, X-rays, or lab results to bolster their claim.

Failure to Follow up with Treatment

LTD insurance policies require policyholders to seek ongoing medical treatment and follow the advice of their doctors. Failure to comply with treatment could result in the denial of a long-term disability claim. Insurance companies expect their policyholders to aggressively pursue treatment in hopes that they can return to work sooner.

Let a Sudbury Lawyer Help with Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Regardless of the reason provided by the insurer, you have the right to contest a Sudbury long-term disability claim denial. Never assume your denial letter is the final outcome of an LTD claim, as it is not unusual for applicants to reach approval on an appeal. A lawyer at our firm could help you fight against unscrupulous LTD insurance companies. Call our team right away to get started.

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