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Given its location on the Trans-Canada Highway, Sudbury sees its fair share of commercial truck traffic. While these large vehicles play a central role in our national economy, they also have the potential to cause severe or even fatal injuries in the event of an accident.

If you sustained injuries in a collision with a semi-truck, you may be able to recover compensation from the driver and their insurance company. Whether you are pursuing an insurance claim or considering a lawsuit, a dedicated injury lawyer at our firm is ready to help. Consult with a Sudbury truck accident lawyer before filing your claim.

Common Factors in Local Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Many factors can contribute to a commercial vehicle accident. Most of these collisions can be attributed to human error. For example, truck drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are especially dangerous behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle. A skilled lawyer could explain what other circumstances may lead to a semi-truck crash in Sudbury.


Fatigue is a common cause of many motor vehicle collisions. Unfortunately, it is especially prevalent in commercial vehicle drivers. Long-haul truck drivers often drive for long hours in an effort to meet strict deadlines set by their employers. This can lead to fatigue and make a trucker more likely to cause a collision.


In addition to driving for long periods of time, many truck drivers travel well above the speed limit to meet shipping deadlines. While some commercial trucks are equipped with speed limiters that prevent drivers from traveling above a set speed, many do not have this technology, thereby leaving many drivers vulnerable to time pressure from employers.

Mechanical Defects

Some truck crashes can be attributed to defects in the vehicle itself. When a defective truck or truck part causes a collision, it could lead to a claim against the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Overweight Cargo

Carrying unbalanced or overweight cargo makes a commercial truck more susceptible to tipping over when turning, traveling up a hill, or in the event of an accident. Overweight trucks also take longer to come to a complete stop, which increases the risk of a rear-end collision.

Poor Road Conditions

If poorly maintained roads contributed to your semi-truck crash, you may be able to hold the City of Greater Sudbury accountable for your damages. It is the municipality’s responsibility to make sure the roads remain in good condition and could therefore be held liable for their failure to do so in the event of an injury. For example, if we experience a heavy snowstorm and the City fails to salt the roads in a timely manner, anyone injured in a subsequent truck crash could sue the government for damages. In this case, however, you must put the government entity you intend to sue on notice of your intent to file suit within 10 days of your trucking collision.

Obtaining Comprehensive Compensation

A truck accident can be devastating. Dealing with the injuries and property damage common in semi-truck collisions can be challenging without the assistance of a local lawyer. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain compensation after a commercial vehicle accident.

All licensed drivers are required to carry Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) and can seek benefits through this no-fault auto insurance policy. SABS benefits cover some of the damages a motorist is likely to suffer as a result of a truck accident, such as lost wages and medical bills, regardless of who is at fault.

Other types of compensation, including pain and suffering damages, are only available through a personal injury lawsuit. However, you may only file a commercial truck crash claim if you are suffering from serious injuries. To meet this serious injury threshold, one of our lawyers could help prove that you sustained severe disfigurement or another form of mental or physical impairment.

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There is a lot to consider in the aftermath of a commercial vehicle collision. You must determine whether you’re entitled to file a tort claim or if you are limited to an insurance claim. A Sudbury truck accident lawyer from our team could help with your injury claim. Reach out to our firm immediately to learn more about your options.

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