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When you take medication for an illness or medical condition, you have every right to be fully informed on the potential risks associated with the consumption of that drug. When a drug manufacturer fails to warn consumers of the potential dangers a drug carries or neglects to perform sufficient testing to discover possible defects, the company could be liable for any damages a person suffers as a result.

If you have sustained injuries after taking a certain medication, you should speak with a Barrie dangerous drugs lawyer as soon as possible. One of our elite personal injury lawyers could help determine whether a drug manufacturer or another negligent party could be responsible for your damages. Let a member of our team fight to win the compensation you deserve.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

A drug defect can occur during production. For example, exposure to a particular substance or ingredient that combines with the drug could make it hazardous for consumption. Drug manufacturers must also warn consumers of potential risks that accompany a particular medication, as well as make known any possible side effects discovered after the drug enters the market.

A failure to issue sufficient warnings about any risks associated with taking the medication can also create civil liability for a drug manufacturer if someone becomes ill as a result. If the manufacturer is aware of specific side effects that a drug can cause but does not fully disclose those to consumers, they could be required to reimburse a person’s subsequent medical bills and other related damages.

A medication may also be dangerous as a result of a flaw in its design. For instance, if the drug company does not run adequate clinical trials to determine whether a medication was safe before releasing it to the market, a court may find the manufacturer liable if consumers are subsequently harmed. Drug companies are legally obligation to ensure that there are no flaws in the production of a medication that could harm consumers.

Common Side Effects of Dangerous Medications

Dangerous drugs can cause a variety of adverse medical conditions, including liver issues, kidney problems, heart problems, skin irregularities, organ failure, and internal bleeding. The elite trial lawyers at Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers are familiar with dangerous drug claims involving a wide variety of medications. For instance, some of the most common drug injury lawsuits involve weight loss medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, birth control, and blood pressure medications.

How is Liability Determined in a Dangerous Drug Claim?

There may be multiple parties responsible in your dangerous drug claim. Depending on the circumstances leading to your illness, the drug manufacturer, your doctor, the laboratory where drug testing was conducted, and even your pharmacist could bear responsibility for your damages. An expert-ranked dangerous drugs lawyer in Barrie could investigate your case thoroughly to identify all defendants who may owe you compensation.

Call a Barrie Dangerous Drugs Lawyer to Discuss Your Legal Options

If you believe that a dangerous drug caused your adverse health condition, do not hesitate to contact a Barrie dangerous drugs lawyer to discuss your legal options. A drug lawyer from our team could help you pursue compensation for your losses, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. Call now to arrange your initial case review and consultation.

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