Barrie Contract Employee Lawyer

Sometimes employees are hired on a contract, for a specified period of time. These contracts of employment are often called “fixed term contracts”, and those contracts start and end on a specified days. At the end of the contract, it may or may not be renewed.

Most often when the contract ends, so does your employment.

Contracts for fixed term employment must be clear and unambiguous to be enforceable. If you have a question about your fixed term contract, you should seek qualified legal advice.

Sometimes, however, the employer terminates your employment before your contract ends. If this occurs, you should bring your original contract of employment to a qualified employment lawyer to have your situation assessed. In certain circumstances, you might be entitled to damages.

Other times, your employment may continue on beyond the fixed term, and then you might end up being terminated. If that is the case, you should speak to a qualified lawyer regarding your rights. Depending on the facts of your employment, you could be considered an indefinite employee and could be entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal.

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