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You took the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your family in case of an illness or death. Although you paid your insurance premiums, sometimes insurance companies do not honour their promise to assist you when you are in need.

There are several circumstances that may cause an individual to suffer from a debilitating injury or long-term illness. In such cases long-term disability (LTD) benefits may be available to help these individuals maintain financial stability. The process of claiming long-term disability benefits can be very complicated. Claimants are often unaware of what they are eligible for based on their specific disability and/or coverage. Claim forms require individuals to answer questions that may be confusing or subjective.

In the midst of uncertainty, our personal injury lawyers aim to answer the many questions that individuals claiming for long-term disability ask. Let a Barrie long-term disability claims lawyer help you gain the benefits you deserve.

What Are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

In the event that an individual is no longer fit to work due to a disability or long-term illness, long-term disability benefits are meant to ensure that such a person can continue to gain an income, even if the income may not be exactly what the disabled individual received while in the workforce.

Who Covers LTD Benefits?

Long-term disability benefits can come from a number of different sources. If you took out a disability policy with an insurance company, provided the policy was still in force when you became disabled, the insurance company is required to pay disability benefits. Some individuals may work for a company have provides disability coverage as part of their overall benefits package. Most times, LTD benefits under group health plans are to be paid by an insurance company. However, there are some situations where the employer is responsible for paying long-term disability benefits. It is important to review your employment contract or insurance policy to clarify payment options.

Barrie workers who contribute to CPP (Canada Pension Plan) as part of their employment deductions may eligible to receive benefits from the Canadian government if they become disabled.

How Severe Does My Disability Have to be to Qualify for LTD Benefits?

It is important to review your insurance policy to have a better understanding of the extent of disability that entitles you to gain benefits. Most times, an individual who cannot do his or her job at all or who at some point in time cannot do any form of work may be able to get benefits quicker than others. A test may have to be taken to prove that you are no longer able to perform the tasks that you used to perform prior to injury or illness.

What Disabilities Qualify Me to Claim?

Long-term disabilities may range from speech defects or the inability to use arms and legs due to heart attacks and strokes to long-term illnesses such as cancer. The impact that the disability has on your lifestyle is what most insurance companies take into account, whether you are totally disabled or not, despite the cause.

How Much Money Will I Get?

This depends on the type of insurance policy that you or your employer has. LTD benefits may lie anywhere between 50 to 80 percent of an individual’s previous earnings. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to deny legitimate claims. Many denials are based on what the insurance company claims is a “misrepresentation” at the time the policy was issued, or on the two-year anniversary of your illness definition change of “occupation.” Contacting an experienced disability benefits lawyer in Barrie can help you revise your documents and gain justice if you have been denied benefits.

How Much Time Do I Have to Claim LTD Benefits?

You may not be able to claim if you take too long to proceed after you have become disabled or unfit to work because of a long-term illness. It is important that you work on your claim as soon as possible, and if you need additional help with understanding exactly where you stand, a long-term disability lawyer is a phone call away.

Where Should I Go for Assistance?

Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers has a well-versed team of Barrie long-term disability claims lawyers who are experts in disability insurance coverage, and we are ready to take on your case and assist you in whatever way possible. In most cases there are no up-front fees and no costs whatsoever unless we are successful in establishing your benefits coverage. Whatever the detail or fine print that is contained in your insurance policy, we can ascertain the benefits to which you are entitled and get the insurance company to pay you and your family everything that you are eligible for.

Many individuals today suffer from LTDs and are left without compensation. This often leaves individuals and their family’s financially burdened. At Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers, our team will ensure that they review your policy and help you gain the benefits you deserve. Contact us today to get the answers you need and the justice you deserve.

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