Impact of a Doctor’s Opinion on a Barrie Long-Term Disability Claim

The opinion of a treating general or family physician will be key in applying for long-term disability benefits. It is important to remember that long-term disability is not about whether you are sick or whether you have an impairment, rather it’s about whether you’re able to do your job. For instance, some people have cancer and can still work, while others have cancer and cannot work.

Therefore, the impact of a doctor’s opinion on a Barrie long-term disability claim cannot be understated. If your own doctor will not support you, you should consider whether you are going to be successful in litigating a denied claim for benefits. A lawyer from our firm could offer more insight on the significance of a physician’s opinion in the claims process for long-term disability benefits.

Medical and Vocational Opinions Work in Tandem

At the end of the day, the decision about whether you qualify for long-term disability is a medical and vocational analysis. First, coverage providers must determine what is wrong with an applicant as well as their corresponding limitations. Then, they have to decide whether these limitations render the person unable to work. In that respect, a medical opinion is the base of the pyramid. If the medical opinion is not strong, a weak vocational opinion is likely to follow, thereby increasing the chances of a denial.

Referral to a Specialist

Your treating doctor should be referring you to a specialist if you are significantly disabled. The opinion of the specialist is at least as if not more important than the treating doctor’s when it comes to determining whether you meet the test for disability in Barrie.

Keeping Your Doctor Informed

When you apply for long-term disability, there are generally three parts of a form that need to be filled out – one for you, one for your employer, and one for your doctor. It is therefore crucial to make sure your doctor is aware of the actual job you are doing, the exact problems you are having, and how your disability does or does not impact your ability to do your job. This can be accomplished by having an honest conversation with your doctor about your particular circumstances and asking them whether they are prepared to support your claim.

Importance of Follow-up Appointments

One of the things insurance companies will look at is how often you communicate with you doctor in the time leading up to your disability. You should be visiting with your physician on a regular basis. If you have a medical condition that is bad enough to prevent you from working, you likely have a history with your doctor.

There has to be a link between the problems you have and your ability to do your actual job. For instance, disabilities that would prevent someone from being a laborer might not prevent them from working in an office environment. Therefore, there needs to be a connection made between yourself and your doctor with respect to the disability in the actual job in question. To learn more about the impact of a doctor’s opinion on a Barrie long-term disability claim, call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today and schedule a consultation.

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