• How Are Juries Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis?
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    Published on April 12, 2021
    Written By: Steve Rastin, Personal Injury Lawyer Jury trials have been infrequent during the COVID-19 pandemic, and courts have continuously adapted to these uncertain times. In March 2020, Ontario temporarily suspended in-person jury trials and have found difficulty in determining the best course of action for reinstating them. During 2020, COVID-19 cases frequently spiked, making the courts nervous about allowing
  • COVID-19 and Long-Term Care Homes: What Are My Rights and Legal Recourse?
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    Published on May 8, 2020
    The recent news coverage surrounding COVID-19 is predominately centered on the spread of the virus inside long-term care facilities and the devastating impact on both residents and staff members alike. For those impacted by the spread of this virus throughout long-term care facilities – including staff members, residents, and their loved ones – a key consideration is what forms of
  • Civil litigators need to take risks on behalf of clients
    Published on April 24, 2020
    Although lawyers are often considered to be more conservative by nature, personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin says that they need to take risks on behalf of clients — or they shouldn’t be in the profession. “Some people are more interested in marketing and settling than taking a case to trial. It’s law as a profession versus law as a commodity.
  • Court Rebukes Defence Practice of Contacting Doctors for Records
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    Published on January 6, 2020
    A recent court decision should serve as a warning to insurance company counsel who bypass plaintiff’s lawyers to obtain medical records, says Barrie-area litigator Steve Rastin. “This practice violates patient-doctor confidentiality, violates the Rules of Practice and Procedure, violates the Rules of Civil Procedure, however, in some cases it appears to be a longstanding way of doing things,” says Rastin, managing partner with Rastin
  • Rastin Review of Greig v. Desjardins, 2019, BCSC 1758: An assessment of damages for breach of good faith by disability insurance company
    Published on November 11, 2019
    In a recent case decided at the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Greig v. Desjardins, 2019, BCSC 1758, the court decided whether disability insurance companies should be held accountable when they take unreasonable positions that are contrary to their obligations of good faith, and result in financial and emotional disaster for plaintiffs. Overview The Greig case is especially interesting because its
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