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If someone has been injured in a car accident in Barrie, they should contact a lawyer right away because there may be only a short notice period depending on who they sue. For instance, if you wish to put a municipality or the provincial government on notice, you are required to do so within ten days.

You should also be entitled to no-fault accident benefits. It is important for injured individuals to talk to a lawyer whom they can trust to put a care team together that is right for them as opposed to a team that the insurance company puts in place.

Those who have been injured in a car accident should contact a lawyer as soon as possible, because there may be liability and evidence preservation issues that should be addressed promptly, like sending an engineer out to the accident scene to look at the vehicle and conducting a black box examination.

The legal system in Ontario can be complicated. Having a qualified, experienced Collingwood car accident lawyer could help ensure that you will receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Auto Collisions in Collingwood

Auto collisions in Collingwood are similar to car accidents elsewhere; they are often caused by speeding, texting while driving, and drinking and driving. Poor weather conditions, driver frustration, inexperienced drivers, and even mistakes by municipalities commonly cause car accidents, as well.

However, the weather in Collingwood tends to be much more extreme than in other places. Drivers in this jurisdiction might not account for how they should drive in slippery weather, freezing rain, snow, or ice, which presents a unique risk factor for motor vehicle crashes.

Unique Aspects of Collingwood Car Accident Claims

Lawyers based in Collingwood manage car accident claims by leveraging their understanding of local weather conditions, road conditions, and medical and rehabilitation communities. Injured individuals who hire a lawyer from our team for their Collingwood car wreck claims could have greater access to local experts and solutions in the local courthouse and receive better, faster, more effective treatment.

Comparative Negligence

Collingwood adheres to the concept of comparative negligence. There are two elements of claims in motor vehicle cases and no-fault auto insurance for statutory accident benefits (SAB). SABs are available to those in Collingwood and Ontario regardless of whether or not you are at-fault for a car accident.

However, in torque cases, the plaintiff needs to establish that the other driver was at-fault for the accident. To the extent that a driver is deemed to be at-fault for their own accident, their damage award could be reduced. If one driver was texting and another was speeding at the time of an accident, a jury may assign liability to both parties. The injured claimant’s compensatory award would be reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault.

It is important for an analysis to be conducted fairly early in a car accident case. Comparative negligence can be analyzed and determined by studying the motor vehicle accident report, the police investigation, black box data, pictures of the accident scene, skid marks, and witness statements. Sometimes, biomechanical experts are even used to review the injuries from the accident and make expert findings as to how those injuries impact the liability analysis.

Contact a Collingwood Car Accident Lawyer Today

When hiring a Collingwood car accident lawyer, the first thing to remember is to contact legal counsel as early as possible so they can assist you as you transition out of hospital after a collision. Another important step to take after an accident is for a care team to be established.

Contacting a lawyer early in the process can help ensure that you receive the care you deserve. You should seek a lawyer who is a certified specialist by the law society, ranked on Lexpert (a peer-reviewed ranking service for injury lawyers), lives in the community, and has expertise in due trials, so call our firm today.

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