Collingwood Highway Accidents

The main high-speed roadway in our area is Highway 400, and accidents on this road are very common. Highway 400 goes from Toronto out into Cottage country, and frequently, a lot of people on this highway are in a rush to get up to their cottages or to do something else, so auto collisions on the 400 Series Highways are very common. There are also frequently accidents on Highways 407, 26 and 27 as well as many commonly traveled routes up to cottage country, such as Airport Road. If you were recently injured in a Collingwood highway accident, consider reaching out to a dedicated car crash lawyer from Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers for advice on what to do next.

Unique Aspects of Auto Accidents on the 400-Series

Accidents on the 400 Series Highways are usually much more serious than collisions which take place on residential roadways. Vehicles on the express way are typically traveling a lot faster than cars in suburban areas. The speed limits on the 400 Series Highways are 100 kilometers an hour. Parts of Highway 11 are 90 kilometers an hour as opposed to the normal 50 or 60 kilometers an hour they would have on a city street.

There are often also multivehicle collisions if an injured person exits their vehicle after being involved in a crash and thereby become an exposed and vulnerable pedestrian. In other words, many individuals get involved in accidents while they are standing on the side of the highway waiting for rescue. A Collingwood lawyer could help people who are injured in these circumstances navigate the legal processes that follow a collision on a freeway.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Express Way Collisions in Collingwood

People who are in a rush because they are trying to get to work or to their cottage commonly cause express way accidents in our area. Drinking and driving also contributes to many local highway collisions. Many accidents between Toronto and Cottage country can be attributed to texting while driving. Changing lanes without enough room, speeding, and weaving in and out of traffic also increase the risk of crashes on local highways – especially in poor weather conditions.

Dealing with the Aftermath of a Local Freeway Accident

One of the things to remember about accidents on the 400 is that you have to be much more careful about your safety than in collisions in residential areas. Even standing on the shoulder of the road is not safe in these situations. You should take steps to make sure you are personally secure.

It might be prudent to stay within your vehicle. If you are going to exit your vehicle, you should get well off the roadway. Lawyers have had individuals injured that were 50 feet off the roadway. Somebody could come up and hit some debris, causing a tire to come off.

There have also been situations where the vehicles themselves are damaged. Some vehicles involved in Collingwood highway accidents burst into flames, causing severe burn injuries to nearby parties. If you are going to make the decision to stay in your vehicle, you have got to make sure that it is safe to do so. If you are going to exit your vehicle, you have got to make sure you are putting yourself in that situation safely.

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