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A variety of disability benefits and programs are available to Ontario residents who suffer a debilitating injury or illness that impacts their ability to maintain gainful employment. However, applying for long-term disability benefits can be difficult on your own, and rejections are unfortunately common even for qualifying applicants.

Whether you need assistance pursuing these benefits for the first time or with contesting a claim denial, an Orillia long-term disability lawyer form our firm could help. Disability benefits can provide much needed financial assistance to those who are unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment, and a seasoned personal injury lawyer could be key to efficiently proving your eligibility for benefits.

Initial Qualifications for Long-Term Disability Benefits

There are several criteria you must meet to qualify for long-term disability benefits in Orillia. First and foremost, you must be able to prove through medical documentation and the testimony of healthcare experts that you have a serious physical or mental health condition which results in profound negative effects even with consistent care that impair your functional ability to work.

Second, you must show that your impairment is expected to last for an extended period of time beyond the qualifying period and therefore qualifies as a “long-term” disability. Next, you must illustrate how your disability prevents you from maintaining regular employment either at your current job or any occupation in any field for which you are reasonable suited by education, training or experience.

Finally, the long-term disability policy under which you’re seeking benefits must be in good standing, meaning you have consistently paid your premiums and provided accurate information at all times. An Orillia lawyer could work diligently to ensure that your long-term disability claim complies with these requirements to maximize the chances of a successful application.

Contesting a Claim Denial in Orillia

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are reluctant to award benefits, even to qualifying applicants, and often make a significant effort to avoid paying out on valid claims whenever possible. Fortunately, many claim denials can be attributed to simple mistakes during the application process or a need for clarification on a particular medical condition, in which case a quick correction could resolve the issue and allow the claim to proceed.

On the other hand, some insurers operate in bad faith when it comes to claim denials, leaving many claimants no choice but to pursue legal action against them. In these situations, assistance from an elite trial lawyer in our area could be especially critical to achieving a favorable outcome and obtaining long-term disability benefits.

Consider Working with an Orillia Long-Term Disability Lawyer

The value of a long-term disability claim can vary significantly depending on the exact nature of your impairment, your earnings prior to becoming disabled, and both the quality and quantity of documentation you provide to prove the severity of your condition. However, if your claim has been grossly undervalued or even rejected altogether, you may need to take action promptly to ensure you get the benefits you paid for through insurance premiums.

An Orillia long-term disability lawyer could help with any kind of dispute over disability payments or claims. To find out more about the help legal counsel could provide in your situation, call Rastin Gluckstein Lawyers today to set up a consultation.

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